Transformational Leadership Training Program

Start Date:18-Jan-2021

End Date:18-Jan-2021



Shanthi Ashram organized a virtual training program for the students on Transformational Leadership. Students in the age group of 14 to 19 were a part of this leadership training.  More than 25 students from SARVAM took part in this virtual training program. The main objective of this training was to instill confidence and motivation in the students that would help them face the challenging world that is waiting for them outside without any fear.

During the pandemic, the whole world was in lockdown and students did not get an opportunity to learn. This created a lot of stress in their mind and they were unable to exhibit their ideas. This virtual training programme on leadership skills conducted by well-experienced trainers helped the students learn more about the aspects of leadership.  The students were also given tips on dealing with their challenges effectively and efficiently.

As the session was very interactive, this enabled all the students to share their ideas without any hesitation. They got an opportunity to know the thoughts of their fellow counterparts also.  The facilitators applauded the thoughts of these young talents and encouraged them to come up with new thoughts and ideas.

This training was very much useful for the students and apart from the students, their teachers and their parents also felt that a right kind of training has been provided for them at the right time.