Integral Perspectives of Mental Health

Start Date:07-Dec-2020

End Date:12-Dec-2020



This was a 5 day workshop, with one and a half hour sessions but the late calling of a bandh meant that the session on the 9th December was cancelled and the expiry of the programme was extended until Saturday 12th. About 40 participants convened and the feedback NAMAH received has been outstanding.

There are very few people other than Dr. Soumitra Basu, a founder-editor of NAMAH, who are capable of charting a course through the labyrinth of the human inner world and deal with such complex issues in such an intelligible and practical way. It was much more than dry theory as everything was anchored securely and related to tangible human experience. Every session was interspersed with meaningfully experiential exercises.

The course was divided by five distinct topics:
Day 1:  Anxiety, Fear and stress
Day 2: Depression and suicidality
Day 3: Drugs, values and the Time-Spirit
Day 4: Growth of consciousness in children and adult roles
Day 5: Personal growth and preparation for a graceful old-age and exit

There was considerable overlap between these subjects but the topics covered gave a rich and unique context to the backdrop of Integral Psychology. A consciousness-based approach was adopted throughout. The complexity of the human psychology was analysed throughout, through the lens of a true Integral Practitioner. The strands of human difficulty and conflict were scrutinised with a broader vision than current modalities allow. There was a vastness in vision that is sadly lacking in the usual present-day therapeutic procedures. The issues covered were complex but the solution was always radically simple: switch to the 4th dimensional status of the Psychic being and every psychological affliction will dissolve.

Dr. Soumitra Basu’s discourse on the usage of psychedelics in the 1960’s as a means of attaining spiritual experiences was particularly illuminating in the light of the Mother’s own experiences and insights.  Of particular interest to young parents was the 4th day, the session on child rearing. The last session on personal growth was laden with many extremely helpful exercises.


“I am very happy by attending such an educative, illuminating, motivating seminar. I am personally obliged and thankful to Dr. Basu and to you for such a wonderful meeting. It was well organised.”

“Dr. Basu is such a brilliant and learned mind, he talked about widening/deepening/ heightening consciousness, and that is exactly what this workshop did for me with an incredible introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Psychology.”

 “Each subject of the workshop was unique and very well covered/shared by Dr Basu with his vast Knowledge and experience within stipulated time and so it is difficult to choose a particular. However the topics for the days 4 and 5 have influenced me & I learned valuable thoughts based on SriAurobindo & Mother’s teaching in order to adopt in our day to day life.”

“It was very rich and rewarding. His wisdom is deep and profound yet delivered in such a straightforward, practical way.”