World Soil Day celebrations by AuroVanam

Start Date:04-Dec-2020

End Date:12-Dec-2020


Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

Caring for Planet starts from the ground and therefore the World Soil Day was celebrated by Sri Aurobindo Society through an online group competition and students from Pondicherry and its bio region were invited to participate and share their inspiring ideas which they would like to implement in their school. 

The link for the competitions were opened from Dec 4 and was closed on Dec 12th.  It was amazing to see the active participation from the children.  Nearly 265 children from 15 schools participated including a school from Mahe. The maximum entries were sent from the Presidency School. The 9 best entries were selected at idea stage and an online Zoom meet was organized to announce the winning entries and meet children virtually.  This online Zoom meet was attended by 153 participants including children, parents, and coordinating teachers on 26th Dec 2020.

Some of the sparkling ideas were ecosystem promotion through flower garden, cactus garden, medicinal garden, rock garden, butterfly garden, wasp garden, aquatic garden, edible garden, nutritious food garden, compost pit, musical garden, green wall etc. The engagement with the schools will continue by mentoring and implementation of the projects. 

All the participants received certificates. Also, it has been planned that AuroVanam, the ecological rehabilitation wing of Sri Aurobindo Society will mentor and support the implementation of the 9 best entries. The seed of the ideas have been sown and now it is time to see its growth in the schools.