Start Date:24-Nov-2020

End Date:24-Nov-2020



Apart from felicitating teachers and educational officers for their leadership role and other innovative ideas during the Pandemic, Rupantar had organised a couple of other virtual events, like the launch of ‘Innovation and Leadership Casebook’, Launch of Research Report on ZIIEI by Cambridge University, Launch of AuroScholar Program, and Establishment of Role Model Schools in 300 Districts.

  1. Felicitation of Teachers & Education Officers for leadership role and innovations during Covid-19 lockdown period

November 24, 2020: In the presence of thousands of education officers and teachers connected through digital platforms across the country, Hon’ble Education Minister of India, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ honoured more than 40 education officers for their leadership role and 26 teachers for their innovative practices during Covid-19 pandemic. 

The dignitaries present virtually at the event applauded ZIIEI for its role in transforming education. The esteemed list of our guiding forces who attended the event virtually include Shri. Vijay Poddar, Member Executive - Sri Aurobindo Society; Mr. Rod Smith, Managing Director, Global Education at Cambridge University; Mr. Manoj Ahuja, Chairperson, CBSE; Ms. Ashima Bhat- Group Head- Business and Finance, HDFC Bank; and Ms. Nusrat Pathan, Head- Corporate Social Responsibilities- HDFC Bank and Mr. Govindan TalianVeedu, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press, India.  

Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, Hon’ble Education Minister, Government of India - “It’s heartening to know that the initiatives of Sri Aurobindo Society are in alignment with the vision of National Education Policy-2020. The year 2020 has taught us that the time to be bounded by old methods and limitations is over.”

Shri Vijay Poddar, Member Executive - Sri Aurobindo Society - “All these initiatives are bringing us together in transforming education. Empowering through Zero is an attempt to practice and to create a movement which is in sync with our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s call to join the mission to create a new India which is arising.”

Ms. Ashima Bhat- Group Head- Business and Finance, HDFC Bank - “National Education Policy-2020 is a path breaker in education which will set new milestones. For increased competencies in our students, it’s imperative that our teachers get a constructive environment to work with a collaborative spirit and gain collective successes. HDFC Bank and Sri Aurobindo Society programmes focus on building teachers’ capabilities and equipping them for fostering experiential and learning environment in classrooms through Innovative Pathshaala.”

Mr. Manoj Ahuja, Chairperson, CBSE– “Competency-based education is based on learning outcomes and CBSE also emphasizes on the fact that pedagogies should be oriented around increasing learning outcomes. We should nurture a child in an environment where he or she could speed up individual skills and knowledge. The pedagogies undergo a change where the child is placed at the centre of education and we build up his or her natural curiosity. New education policy also talks about new ways of assessment that are more formative rather than summative assessment.”

 (ii) Launch of ‘Innovation and Leadership Case book- COVID Edition’

At the virtual National Conference, ZIIEI’s ‘Innovation and Leadership Case book- COVID Edition’ was launched by the honourable Education Minister, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’. Two e-books, one- comprising the leadership role and efforts of the more than 40 education officers, and another- consisting of efforts and innovations of the 26 teachers were launched.

(iii) Launch of Research Report on ZIIEI by Cambridge

During the event, the research report prepared by Cambridge on ‘Zero-Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives’ (ZIIEI), a nation-wide education program of Sri Aurobindo Society and HDFC Bank, was also launched by the Honourable Education Minister of India. The report presents an in-depth perception of the various stakeholders of ZIIEI program.

The event was also virtually graced by Mr. Rod Smith, Managing Director, Global Education at Cambridge University Press who shared the key findings of the report. Features highlighted by this research include:

• Learning is more aligned with learner needs.

• The teaching workforce is more motivated, confident, and respected.

• The ZIIEI programme helps develop parental engagement and build communities.

• The programme helps to narrow the gap between government and private school provisions.

• Improved reflective practice, as well as the identification and sharing of best practice.

Mr. Rod Smith, Managing Director, Global Education at Cambridge University Press - “The ZIIEI programme’s bottom-up approach creates social opportunities and transforms functioning into capabilities. ZIIEI programme has successfully created ‘teacher learning communities' to discuss, try out, and evaluate techniques for themselves. Clearly, this is a form of professional self-development, centered around innovating with teaching, learning and assessment practices.”

Mr. T.V. Govindan, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press, South Asia –“Good quality education can transform individuals and societies. Unlocking the potential of every learner is the underlying principle behind whatever we do at Cambridge. I am glad to share that the NEP 2020 captured these values very well and focuses on making students as life-long learners. Projects like ZIIEI, IP and Auro Scholar are excellent examples of how teaching and learning can be made joyful and accessible using innovative ideas and technology.”

The Cambridge University also felicitated the honourable Education Minister, Shri. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ for greatest innovation and comprehensive consultation about the reforms of the education policy of India.

(iv) Launch of AuroScholar Program

Hon’ble Education Minister launched AuroScholar Program, the world’s first micro-scholarship program that provides students the opportunity to win monthly scholarship worth Rs. One Thousand. The objective of incentivizing learning is to make students life-long learners and improve their learning outcomes.

(v) Establishment of Role Model Schools in 300 Districts

By empowering the teachers, ZIIEI programme is in the process of establishing Role-Model Schools at the district level. These schools will become centres of excellence with tangible and sustainable source of inspiration for millions of teachers across India. In sync with the spirit of Nation-Education Policy-2020, these schools will nourish the students for their holistic development, giving equal importance to academics, extra-curriculum and values.

Ms. Nusrat Pathan, Head- Corporate Social Responsibilities- HDFC Bank – “An empowered teacher will change the future of children and that belief is common with all of us present here. There is definitely a need to move towards competency-based learning. We are happy to be associated with ZIIEI program since 2015. The phenomenal work of the teachers and education officers is commendable. Despite the challenging atmosphere due to COVID-19 pandemic, ZIIEI is expanding its wings in reaching out to establishing role model schools in 300 districts. This will motivate other schools to come up and adopt these practices in future.”

Mr. Sambhrant Sharma, Director-Education, Sri Aurobindo Society – “The ZIIEI programme has oriented around 2 million teachers for zero-investment innovation in education, and is in the process of establishing Role-Model Schools in 300 districts of the country. The education officers and teachers are the change-makers of the country and with collective efforts we aim to create such role model schools in all the districts of the country.”-

Sri Aurobindo Society presented a token of gratitude to Hon’ble Education Minister for his guidance and support to education initiatives of Sri Aurobindo Society.