Immunise Yourself Through Integral Yoga

Start Date:17-Nov-2020

End Date:21-Nov-2020



At times when everybody is concerned about health and immunity, it is very essential to dwell deeper to connect with our inner being to immunise ourselves integrally. A 5-day intensive programme on Immunity, with one-hour sessions on each day, addressed many aspects of our immunity and the way to achieve them through Integral Yoga. The facilitator, Dr DebabrataSahani, blessedwith an excellent knowledge ofmedical science and understanding of Integral Yoga,helped us understand the multi-layered concept of Immunity and imparted the most practical ways of imbibing them into our every life.The programme was hosted by James Anderson, who helped us make the experience hassle-free and efficient.

The sessions started from 17th November 2020 and concluded on 21st November 2020. Every day for an hour from 10.00 am to 11.00am IST, sessions were held virtually. Participants from across the globe participated in these sessions. Our being is not only physical and mental but also consists of layers beyond them and immunity at each of the layers is essential toachieve integral health and immunity. In this programme, 5 layers of our being were discussed by concentrating on one layer each day.

The first day looked at our physical immunityparticularly and the natural immunity that we are all born with. Novel and valuable knowledge was shared on diet, sleep, exercise and water-intake. But beyond our gross physical immunity there is a subtle immunity that the Mother often speaks about. This was covered comprehensively from the second day onwards. There is a less gross but more solid means of protection that surrounds our body, which She terms the nervous envelope, which can be nurtured and enhanced by conscious and diligent practice. Indeed, it is essential that we do this if we are to rise above the contagion of accidents and diseases.

There are greater domains that must be traversed if one aspires for perfect immunity. Different challenges and contingencies have to be confronted if one is toachieve this aim. We have to learn to rely on our true Centre to reach this goal. How else can one shield oneself from the contagion of desire?  There is no other way. The psychic immunity, which was discussed thoroughly in the last two days of the course, is the only mean of reclaiming our divine birthright: complete immunity against all adverse contagion.

The uniqueness of this programme can be attributed to simple, feasible and yet efficient practices that everyone can adopt. Dr. Sahani is blessed with a spiritual heart but also a clear, practical and pragmatic mind.He articulates such truth with great depth and simplicity. The message of the programme was clear: that our health and our immunity is in our hands if we can enhance it at our will.

The sessions were mostly interactive and participants were also encouraged to discuss their questions and concerns over the workshop Whatsapp Group to attain more clarity later on on the topics discussed. It also helped in holding a connection throughout the day.  The recordings of the sessions were made available to all the participants soon after the sessions every day with a Summary notes. At the end of the programme feedbacks were collected from the participants to address group needs better in the future.

The best feedback is when one practises and shares the joy, it was gratifying to hear such joyous sharings at the end of the programme.

The sessions wereorganised and hosted by NAMAH The Journal of Integral Health.

Some feedback:

“Absolutely excellent - I have attended the Heal Yourself, and the Karmayoga workshops and while each of these was marvellous, something about this workshop by you, James and Dr. Debu touched a deeper part of me and was so much more fulfilling and experiential, something in me aspires to grow and progress and I am very excited about this.”

“Dr. Sahani is such an intuitive and beautiful speaker, his words are the balm that I was seeking in this difficult and challenging year for me, both in my work as a Veterinarian and also in my personal life. His simple yet highly effective tips and suggestions are helping me immensely, and for that I am grateful.”

- Dr.Debu was one of my favourite speakers in the Heal Yourself and Karmayoga sessions and naturally I was thrilled to see he was facilitating this series. I would love for you, James and Dr.Debu to organise a series on dealing with Grief and Loss, I know this is a bit selfish of me to ask. I will gladly take any of your offerings with gratitude.”

“Simplicity and inspiring approach by the Doctor.”