Exploring Fine Art -1, The Integral way

Start Date:01-Aug-2020

End Date:31-Oct-2020



SAFIER of Sri Aurobindo Society (Puducherry) organized a workshop for children aged 10-13 years. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the beauty and refinedness of Fine Art in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother‘s vision of Integral Education to this particular age group. Priti Umamahesvaram was the main facilitator and she was supported by Sushanto, Rathi and Kavita also took sessions facilitating the children to explore the world of imagination, colour, understanding spaces, calligraphy, design and patterns in nature, techniques and styles such as Pointillism introduced by George Seurat and Expressionism initiated by Vincent Van Gogh.

The children happily shared what they drew, how it made them feel and how they would like to go towards perfection. They drew inspiration and strength from flowers and not only painted them in different ways, as they were the central theme but also learnt about the spiritual significances that Mother gave to them.

Click here to jump into the creative world of the kids, for a short 4-min video summary.