A Scientific Exploration of Integral Health

Start Date:03-Oct-2020

End Date:03-Oct-2020



The one day workshop on ‘A Scientific Exploration of Integral Health’ that saw an active participation of 30 members was a truly illuminating session. It looked at the overlap between science and spirituality and more particularly at the onset of the New Consciousness that was been augured and manifested by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Dr. Sangeeta set the stage by recounting some of her experiences as a teenager, a time when she experienced many abnormal multi-dimensional experiences. Her interest in medicine delved deeper than the physical surface and the exposure to multiple religious sources and spiritual influences from an early age helped her look beyond this system with a vaster spiritual perspective. This interest grew more vivid with her experiences in Kundalini yoga when she visited the US.

She could feel the connections internally and behind all things and in Quantum Physics she realised the inter-connectedness of information data, which this particular science embodies. The earth itself she describes as a massive super-computer which stores this data and contains the imprints of past, present and indeed, in the physical dimension, also the future. One could sense the truth in these concepts when set against the principles of terrestrial involution and evolution described by Sri Aurobindo.

In the world today, the layers inherent that wrap around the individual and the planet are actually peeling apart and everything is opening to the divine Energy which is operating in this universe. Everything may seem chaotic but this process is proceeding in a regular fashion. Matter particularly is opening to this Creative Force but every aspect of human nature is affected. This opening is facilitating healing in many people but in others leads to a state of ‘system overload’ in others, so there is a need for discernment to be aligned to this greater unfolding.  The microbe she describes as information data which has to be embraced by humanity if it is to further evolve.

The virus results only from data which cannot be processed within the human system. Mankind has the capacity to bring order to himself and his surroundings. The Mother’s insistence on Peace and Stillness inside equates to Zero in Quantum Physics, a Zero which if incorporated, will upgrade the entire human system. With this opening, one becomes less resistant to change and more plastic to the divine Forces which are constantly at work.

This greater opening evident in humanity can create a great deal of stress as our DNA is exposed to many different fields of electro-magnetic frequencies. But it is a process mankind cannot afford to resist and it must stay open to change. The feeling of social dislocation one feels is not superficial but a genetic experience causing misalignment in our own DNA.

Knowledge of Quantum Physics tells us that this information data is coming from many sources, not least from other planets. From Dr. Sangeeta’s perspective, it is currently testing mankind and producing the Corona virus. Is it a vehicle of the Truth? It enters wherever there are holes or weaknesses in the human defence-shield. Is it a programmer that copies and pastes itself over the human body? This Truth-Force has never been more operative than today. It is penetrating every field of human organisation and activity. The immediate result is sometimes disruption but the aim is always transformation. The corona is finding all the gaps in human existence, gaps that have to be sealed if the human species is to continue to evolve.

This is was a truly uplifting session and we hope there will be more from Dr. Sangeeta to come.


“How we as an individual could make a difference to the society at large with a shift in our own consciousness is a concept one has toyed with at times but it gets validated with her scientific explorations. There was a lot to process however in a short span of time and it would be great if we could have a series of sessions on the various facets of her journey and insights…. I am looking forward to attending more sessions with Dr Sahi.” 

’”Thanks a lot for organising such wonderful sessions. This session by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi was so wonderful and insightful.

“Hoping to participate in all her future sessions on such allied topics and themes.”

 “That was the most interesting, amazing, excellent talk!

“I salute you for finding such a gem and arranging for her to share her amazing knowledge.”

“It was a superb talk.”

Dr. Sangeeta’s website: www.genuinehumanbeing.com

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