Covid 19 Relief Activity by Sanjeevan

Start Date:13-Apr-2020

End Date:23-Apr-2020



Extraordinary situations need extraordinary efforts.  Corona virus has completely put the life of everyone in a big turmoil.  Every part of India is now under lock down. 

In these critical times, some individuals and organizations have been sharing the responsibility of providing relief to fellow human beings along with the Government.

People in good health find themselves to come out of this situation.  This being the case, we need to think about old, vulnerable and the neglected group of people.  How will they come out of this darkness that has surrounded them?

This is the time when one needs to be humane, generous and unselfish.  We need not show our sympathy to people struggling, but we need to show that we are empathetic.

This is what we, SANJEEVAN, has been doing during this lockdown period.  Even at this time of social distancing, SANJEEVAN has been doing its job meticulously – serving the old, marginalized, terminally ill and vulnerable of the neglected villages.

In the first phase of our work, out of the 169 villages, 31 villages including TN palayam, Abisekapakkam were distributed with food kits and other essential items which included some life-saving drugs also.

In the second phase, nearly 1776 patients from 169 villages were distributed with the basic necessities along with food kits and medicines.

In addition to that, home-stitched face masks were given to the vulnerable people, which were stitched by the women entrepreneurs of the SARVAM villages.

The villagers thanked the SANJEEVAN team and Sri Aurobindo Society for their spontaneous help in spite of the current socio-economic situations.

Some family members of the terminally-ill patients were very happy when they received the medicines.

Sometimes, the villagers do call the SANJEEVAN team members and ask for help which is readily done by the team.

The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray.