In Pursuit of Harmony

Start Date:17-Feb-2020

End Date:18-Feb-2020

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry


In Pursuit of Harmony was a 2-day seminar than enabled an individual to explore harmonious living both individually and collectively.  The importance of harmonious living within oneself and that of the outside world was addressed in this seminar. Eminent speakers like Divyanshi Chugh, Dr. Alok Pandey, James Anderson, Dr. Debabrata Sahani, Dr. Yogesh Mohan, Dr. Arati Sharma, Manoj Pavitran, and Dr. Soumitra Basu added more values to the sessions by sharing their thoughts and experiences with the participants. 

Divyanshi Chugh, is a young Aurovillian in her twenties conducted the first session, The Power of Harmony.  This session was inventive, dynamic and interactive. Leaning on Integral Yoga practice, two tasks were devised and set which drew upon the necessary poises and traits required to instill harmony. The first was very simple. The group was asked to rearrange and bring order to their wallet or handbag. The second was arranging a flower mandala within groups of about 4 or 5. It was remarkable how spontaneously, after introspection, the necessary traits were identified.

Dr. Debrabrata’s session Cultivating Harmony Within the Collectivity, looked at practice and concentration as a means to harmony. Inner harmony has a major influence on the collectivity and the state stems from many things, including the food we eat. Most of the time, our cells do not like the food we eat.  Everything affects the harmony of our cells; the sounds we hear, the emotions we feel and the thoughts that pass through our mind. The inner has outer repercussions. With regard to the collectivity, Debabrata said, it is only by helping others that one can help oneself.

Harmony Within and Without – An Overview,  a session by Dr. Alok Pandey, threw light on the first step towards establishing harmony within is to become aware of our inner discord. The first step towards establishing harmony without, in the world, is to become vast in one’s consciousness. The mind cannot create harmony; it has to be vast if it is not to impede the work of the psychic being. Harmony comes from a spontaneous unfolding of one’s Truth. The key to harmony is awareness of the Divine Will.

Manoj Pavitran’s session on Harmony and Breath looked at our breath as a means of instilling harmony into the being. There is a strong connection between our heartbeat and the breath. Our perception, by being present with the breath, whatever state it is in, produces the decisive shift. By watching with consciousness, the breath itself harmonises and produces a lullaby effect on the being. It nurtures the whole system. Eventually, one becomes no longer the doer of the breath as Nature takes over the process itself.

Dr. Yogesh Mohan’s session was on Creating Harmony Within and Without.  This was another relaxed and interactive session. He affirmed that it is good to have disharmony as long as one is aware of it. Only through pain can equilibrium be re- established. Some of the key points of his sessions were; most people live dominated by their outer being and disharmony is an inevitable consequence. There is an awakening when one feels that something is wrong. The key to creating harmony both within and without is to shift from the outer to the inner consciousness.

For James Anderson, Integrate Harmony Throughout your Being, was another highly-interactive session with practical exercises, drawing insight and inspiration from Integral Yoga. The master key to harmony is the Psychic Being. Only this part of ourselves will be able to integrate harmony throughout the being. Harmony has to be integrated not just instilled and it is a detailed process. The mind’s only responsibility is to be silent. This is most necessary if the psychic is to step forward.  Other than that, the mind cannot integrate harmony. There are three areas of concentration which facilitate this process: through and above the head, through the heart centre and lastly through the body itself.  Exercises were conducted for each process.

Dr. Arati Sharma, Harmony and Beauty, used numerous video clippings to elicit responses from the group in her interactive and experiential session. Footage portrayed health as harmony. Disequilibrium is dis-ease. Another clipping conveyed the immensity of the universe, which paradoxically inspires one to humility and opens the door to our vast individual and collective power. She further added, “In this colossal co-existence, we are all interconnected.  If we are in harmony, both inwardly and outwardly, we can see the beauty in society.”

Dr. Soumitra Basu, Integral Harmony, was another practical session, laden with helpful exercises. When the Force of Transformation descends, one has to step out of the ego and into the Psychic Being. Then harmony will integrate throughout the being. There were visual exercises to find the subtle body and silence the mind.

This seminar looked at harmony from every angle and on every dimension. All the sessions were very well received and feedback was highly favourable.