Towards Life Beautiful December 2019

Start Date:26-Dec-2019

End Date:28-Dec-2019

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry


This programme was focused on methodologies of bringing a spiritual quotient in various aspects of one's family life like career, relationships, creation of wealth, raising children, and social interactions within the family and with the society at large.

Nearly 20 families attended this 3-day workshop.  On the first day, the participants were introduced to the theme of the Retreat with special emphasis on discovering one’s inner nature, inner growth, and the role of career and work as an instrument of growth. The participants were also introduced to the importance of regular meditation and were guided through a meditation session. 

On the second day in the first half of the day faculties from different backgrounds discussed with the participating families the integrated importance of wealth, health and wellness.  Family values as mentioned and outlined in the Indian culture was also discussed.  Post lunch the participants were taken to Sharanam, a 5-acre training and administrative centre of Sri Aurobindo Society.  In the lush and serene surrounding of Sharanam the families felt relaxed and were glad to see the architectural beauty of the complex.  The participants felt that this atmosphere perfectly suited the discussions on the role and importance of harmonious relationships in the families and ways and means of “Pursuit of Happiness in life.” 

The Programme concluded on the third day with a discussion on harmonising all aspects of life to achieve an integrated beautiful life. 

Generally, all the participants felt the meditation session that was practiced every day was one the most beneficial activity of the retreat programme.

The programme was conceived and conducted by Sri Srinivas Mulugu. Guest speakers and facilitators who contributed were Sri Shivakumar, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Dr. Alok Pandey, Sri Sushanto and others.

At the end of the session the participants gave their feedback, some of which are shared below.

This workshop will help me to be a better mother, wife, friend, colleague, daughter, daughter-in-law. I will be able to find true happiness and harmony with others. Life is a journey and this programme will make it easier, sweeter, happier. – Dr. Pratima

This program has helped and thrown light on the aspects of inner growth. Enables to gather oneself, and seek and follow the spiritual path with the right focus. This would be effective we put into practice and the learning and use the tools (given). - B. Mangayarkarasi

This program really changed my views about some aspects of life. More benefits will come, when I implement the changes needed within me and outside. – Luna Chatterjee

This program is a MUST to understand the wholeness of life and cultivate it. The 2-day program covered vast areas. Need Life Beautiful Part -2. – Venkata Ramanan

The program was an eye-opener in several directions. Off-site visit to Sharanam nature resort was a great experience. - Sangeeta D. Roy

All human beings combating complicated social life now-a-days must attend this workshop. - Arun Kumar Das

I wish to thank you for helping me discover and experience inner silence. I was able to maintain complete silence inside me after the program.  - N. Nikhilesh