Practising Life-Skills in Day-to-Day Living: A Consciousness Approach

Start Date:26-Dec-2019

End Date:29-Dec-2019

Location:SACAR, 39 Vanniar Steet, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry 605012

Institute:SACAR and SAIIIHR

The “Living Within” Study camp for this year was jointly organised by SACAR and NAMAH from 26 to 29, Dec, 2019.

In this study camp, the aim was to practise and perfect life-skills through guidance, interaction, group work, discussion and all through a consciousness-based approach.  Skills that are so vital in refining and perfecting our day-to-day living were fine tuned during this workshop.

An inspiring 4 days was spent at SACAR reflecting on ways of infusing the day-to day existence with greater purpose and meaning. Shri. Alok Pandey, Shri. Pulkit Sharma, Shri. Larry Seidlitz, Shri. James Anderson, Dr. Yogesh Mohan, Dr. Debabrata Sahani, Ms. Deepshikha Reddy, Ms. Anuradha Choudry and Dr. Soumitra Basu were the facilitators for this 4-day long workshop.

It was a very practical study camp with considerable interaction and interspersed with many practical exercises. The group were highly open and receptive. Various facets of daily life were taken up by each facilitator and examined in the light of a consciousness-based approach. Ways of transforming everyday behaviour were put forward and discussed.  It was clearly instilled that there is a bridge that can be constructed between yoga and daily life and it applies to all the activities that one does. The work goes down to the tiniest detail, like for instance in annulling a minor negative reaction. In this way, all living can be embraced by the consciousness.

The format of the camp was generally structured with presentations from individual speakers in the mornings and group interactive work in the afternoons. There was a panel session at the end. Diverse topics were taken up by the facilitators that ranged from communication to equality and woven into the context of our daily lives.

Among the aims of the workshop were to help one lead a divine life, to perfect ourselves in our everyday living, to change the negative patterns, to show how to work in the right spirit and to become more conscious of chakras etc.

The feedback from the participants received showed that these aims of the workshop were clearly achieved.  The participants highly appreciated the facilitators for their commendable knowledge in their areas and the way they presented their topics.