Exhibition on Art in the original constitution of India and spiritual significance of the flowers

Start Date:27-Nov-2019

End Date:29-Nov-2019

Location:Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

Institute:Sri Aurobindo Society, Jaipur

Sri Aurobindo Society, Jaipur organised an exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra from 27th November to 29th November 2019. This remarkable exhibition was inaugurated by Justice Shri. V. S. Dave, retired High Court judge. Two themes were clubbed together and one grand exhibition was organised. The theme of the exhibition was Art in the original constitution of India and Spiritual significance of flowers in the light of words of The Mother. The exhibition attracted more than 900 enthusiastic visitors. There were many art critics among the audience and they very much appreciated the collections that were displayed at the exhibition. There were more than 900 visitors this time. Exhibition on the constitution was very much appreciated by the art critics and the visitors. This was the first time an exhibition on Spiritual Significance of the Flowers was organised. As far as 34 flowers with their spiritual significance were displayed in this exhibition. The biological name of the flower and the relevant quote on the flower with their spiritual significance was printed with the photographs in the background. This particular display was greatly admired and appreciated by almost all the visitors in the gallery. There was a suggestion that such type of new way of looking at the existence must be repeated every year so that the younger generation gets connected with spirituality through their areas of interest. The exhibition was very well covered by print media and electronic media, who supported us by passing on the information and helping people know about the exhibition.