Auro-Wellness Experience

Start Date:01-Sep-2019

End Date:01-Sep-2019

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

As part of Svarnim Puducherry initiative, the Auro-Wellness Experience program was organized by Sri Aurobindo Society on the 1st September 2019, at the Society House between 9 a.m. to12 noon.

A warm welcome was given by the puppets and the participants started having their awestruck moments from then.

The program started with a minute of meditation and The Mother’s music was played at the background.

Shri. Manoj Kumar Agarwal welcomed the gathering.  He gave a brief introduction about the resource persons, Ms. Linda Lee and Ms. Fif Fernandez.

Ms. Fif Fernandez and Mr. Hamish Boyd both belonging to the Komali – Medi Clown Academy of Auroville gave a small introduction before they started with their program.  In her introduction speech, Fif  gave an insight of how Mediclowns are working  with individuals and communities to improve mental, emotional and physical well-being of all.  They are mainly concentrating in the fields of Healthcare, Education and Organizations.  She also said that they have plans of training 5000 Mediclowns across India and they are supported by the Yes Bank and have been awarded by the Yes Foundation as “YES! I am the CHANGE!”

The event began with a small exercise of clapping hands and saying “very good, very good Yeah!!”  Though this seemed funny initially, but it gave out unexpected results at the end of the activity.  When this event began, all the participants were standing far away from one another, but as this exercise began and proceeded further, they were in close proximity and this paved way to get to introduced to others.  There were many similar funny exercises that spread the message “Love surrounds us all, “ “Laughter is the best medicine” and also “Laughter is a serios business”.  Participants got a lifetime experience of how laughter could transform energy.

Many innovative methods like music, puppetry, magic, dance, juggling were used to reduce stress, anxiety and promote wellbeing among the participants.

Mediclowining was followed by Acu-Detox.  Ms. Linda Lee, who is a Chinese therapist and Accupunture specialist was the resource person.

Acudetox helps one to revive from trauma and addiction.  This provides a balancing effect on an individual undergoing this therapy.

The participants were given an option either to participate or to just be viewers of the Acudetox program.  All of them wanted to enjoy this experience.  Those who have needle phobia were given magnets.  The puncture of needles was a painless event.  The 30 to 40 minutes experience with needles or magnets in ears, a soulful music around played by Hamish Boyd created magic in the atmosphere.  This made some asleep, some felt relief of their depression and some meditatate.  These thin needles do miracles on the person pinned.

"If music be the food of love,play on" says Shakespeare in his Twelfth Night.  He must have enjoyed this divine experience and this has made him say these words.

As a finale, Fif had a heart which she said belongs to someone and that heart was broken into pieces by society, people and many factors that contribute for breaking one’s heart.  These torn pieces were brought back into one full heart.  Though this was purely a magical act, the message behind that was universal love is only healer for all despair present in oneself or in the society.  So “love and be loved” and “live and let live.”

In this entire event, one felt the words of Sri Aurobindo coming true.  “To see it, to feel it, to learn it and to live it.”

In the beginning of the program, though some participants felt that they are missing their Sunday vacation; at the end, all the participants felt rejuvenated.  They carried with them valuable experiences and requested the organisers to have such program often.  Feedback from were collected from the participants and most of them wish these sessions be conducted on a regular basis, which proves the success of this program.