Intuitive Decision Making Programme

Start Date:09-Aug-2019

End Date:09-Aug-2019

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry


The half-day “Intuitive Decision Making” program was held at Sri Aurobindo Society, on 9th August 2019.  Participants included corporate and industrial heads from Pondicherry and Chennai, and some from the academic sector.

The programme looked at the traditional tools of decision making available in the corporate context - the rational mind and its place in decision making; it further explored the state of the disturbed rational mind and how it can be calmed. It then went on to explore the role of intuition in our work and personal life and how to recognise the signs as felt in our mind, body and emotions. There were examples of leaders across the world, who has been guided by this faculty at critical moments of decision making. The workshop highlighted that intuition can be cultivated and practiced; a glimpse to which was provided by the guided meditation session.