Seven AuroYouth Camps Conducted in Noida

Start Date:27-Oct-2018

End Date:28-Oct-2018

Location:Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida


The Noida centre of Sri Aurobindo Society conducted four AuroYouth camps on October 27, 2018, and three more on October 28, 2018, at the Jaipuria Institute of Management campus in Noida.  The camp was attended by 150 participants.  

The camps were conducted by the following teams:

Team 1:  Palak Dubey (Noida) and Dr. Pragyan Chaudhary (Meerut)

Team 2:  Aneeta Bansal and Captain CK Bhandari, both from Noida

Team 3:  Dr. Bandana and Dr. Deepika, both from Varanasi

Team 4:  Arun Naik and Srinivas Mulugu

The entire process of registration and feedback by the students was processed online and all data have been captured on Google Forms.  This has enabled AuroYouth to accurately analyze the feedback provided by the students.  

The feedback has once again shown that guided meditation is the most appreciated activity by the participants.  The feedback also indicates that the Introduction to Sri Aurobindo and to the SAS needs to be presented in a more interesting manner.

Feedback From a few Participants

“The session was well planned. But more of theoretical, slide shows. It would be good if the sessions are of more practical like meditation sessions. But still I loved all the sessions. Thank you Aurobindo Society and the college for the experience”.

“I felt very different and enlightened. It was a beautiful session which threw some light on the values which are present within us, but we are not conscious of. It really made a difference. Quite valuable session and the faculty was amazing and very polite.:)”

“By attending this workshop, I am clear about mediation power and concentration power”.
“Some more meditation games please”.

“Both the session and instructor are good”.

“Great! Really liked the Aim of Life part”.

“I really liked the session. But I would like to add that everyone talks a lot about meditation, but rarely shows the steps for meditation and how to actually do it and follow steps of inner enlightenment”.

I must say that the teachers are tremendously amazing . . .”.