RUPANTAR Workshop for Project ‘Innovative Pathshaala’

Start Date:22-Oct-2018

End Date:22-Oct-2018

Location:Mainpuri District, Uttar Pradesh


As part of its mission to improve the quality of education in government schools, the RUPANTAR team of Sri Aurobindo Society conducted a two-day workshop to equip teachers with tools and techniques to introduce experimental and empirical teaching in classrooms.

A total of 450 teachers took part in the workshop, wherein they were made familiar with the concept of ‘Innovative Pathshaala’, an extension of nation-wide mass teacher outreach initiative Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI).

Innovative Pathshala is the reformation of the existing school syllabus, converting and evolving the mostly theoretical to experiential learning content. It is compliant with the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and mapped with state-level curriculum for the entire academic year to impart value education through life skills and achieve learning outcomes specified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.

Conducted on October 22–23, 2018, the workshop was inaugurated by Block Education Officer Sumit Kumar in Kurawali block of Mainpuri district. It was announced during the workshop that all the 214 schools in the block have been provided a website by Sri Aurobindo Society to connect them to the world digitally, taking them to the next level of being networked and revamping the system to keep up with the modern world.

In addition, Baitanik Ghosh, Head, Curriculum Development, explained in detail about the objectives and activities of Innovative Pathshaala during the programme .

Uttar Pradesh is the first state in the country where Innovative Pathshaala has been implemented. Over 1,500 teachers have been oriented towards Innovative Pathshaala since it was launched in the state in September 2018.