Teacher Education Programme for In-service DSE Primary School Teachers

Start Date:03-Sep-2018

End Date:05-Sep-2018

Location:District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Lawspet, Puducherry


A three-day Teacher Education Programme was conducted by Sri Aurobindo Society on “Innovative Pedagogical Interventions and Creative Teaching Aptitude” from September 3 to 5, 2018, at District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in Puducherry for In-service teachers working with the Directorate of School Education (DSE), Puducherry. Twenty-nine participants underwent a transcendental journey through this programme on creative learning approach to Integral Education. The programme was developed by Theatre Arts in Education practitioner Ravi Shankar and was facilitated along with Arts in Education enthusiasts Kiran and Hrishikesh as an additional part of Sri Aurobindo Society’s transformative initiatives started as Rupantar.

The programme gave all the participants a wider perspective on the aspects of Education and its role in today’s world. Participants enjoyed experiencing the process of creative teaching through project works based on theatre and visual arts. The whole process sensitized them towards their role as compassionate and creative teachers and elevated them to the summit of their consciousness. Exploring the contextual and creative approach to integrated learning processes connected them to their inner realm of unitive qualities. Finally, the programme culminated with deeper reflection which resulted in chalking out their plan of action with regard to implementing all the innovative practices explored during these three days, to foster the integral development of their children. With the vibrations of renewed enthusiasm, joy and perspectives, they celebrated their valediction.

Excerpts from Feedback

When teachers are given full freedom to teach every aspect as mentioned by you, then there will be holistic development in our children for sure. We teachers run after the syllabus completion, exam conduction and marks-oriented system. I totally feel embarrassed that we don't t fulfil the necessary needs of education. Learning by doing, pedagogical intervention is very much relevant to today's need for change in our education system. Fear-free education is much needed and these techniques and processes which you have taught us will pave the way.Indhumaathi (GPS, Manavely-A. Zone 3)

These 3 days’ teacher empowerment camp is very interesting and useful. There is a good feel and joy. Games made me feel that I have entered into a new world. This new method of teaching is very creative. – B. Rani Marie (GPS, Nainarmandapam)

This training definitely helps us in meeting the expected learning outcomes. I came to know about activity -based teaching which  helps in children’s  overall development. Our education system emphasises on general mug up and vomit on answer paper approach and it is very much marks oriented. Children feel stressed with studies. Now we can teach them context-based activities so that they can learn joyfully as well as can relate with nature and the day to day life. It is good to celebrate each and every day and children unknowingly find many values.  – N. Pradheeba Devi (GPS, Vennila Nagar)

All the games and activities impressed me a lot. Theatre and puppetry can help our students to understand the concept easily through joyful learning. So I have planned to follow these teaching methods for every lesson in my teaching. This will help in the holistic growth of children.  – B. Vanathi, School (GPS, Indira Nagar)

This Abacus system helps us to teach language, maths, EVS etc., easily through a single and useful way. – T.Ramya (GPS, Mangalam)

The best part is that we have learnt how to co-relate more subjects in a single activity. I will incorporate these activities to teach more than one subject so that the expected learning outcome becomes easy to achieve and also the teacher’s burden will reduce. – A. Gunasekaran – (GPS, Sedarapet. Katterikuppam)

Attention of students can be retained through these pedagogical interventions. Peer group learning will also be enhanced. This activity-based learning will help children to understand the concept easily. – Sivasankari. M (GPS, Kalapet)

I felt really happy and had lots of fun with these overwhelming activities. Refreshing exercises made my mind and body very fresh and active. It inspired me a lot to take all the new teaching techniques to my school for the real empowerment of children.  – R.Anitha (GPS, Manavely)

The Interventions that have been offered during these three days are the need of today’s education. – V Sowmia – (GPS, K. T. Kuppam)

This teacher empowerment camp proved that creative teaching techniques will definitely motivate the children to learn everything in a better way. – B. Suganthi – (GPS, K. T. Kuppam)

All the pedagogical interventions that have been offered to us are very relevant to our education system. Introduction of creative teaching, i.e., involving students to a great extent in the teaching-learning process using various art forms will make the student participate completely, with a lot of interest and joy. This camp helps me to a great extent in meeting the expected learning outcomes. – Suredharma. B (GPS, Indira Nagar)