Workshop on ‘Integral Wellness’

Start Date:10-Nov-2018

End Date:10-Nov-2018

Location:Sri Aurobindo Society, Chennai


In the increasing complexities of life, as the need and search for peace and balance are deepening, their true meaning is gradually becoming more and more effervescent.

Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) is organizing a workshop on ‘Integral Wellness’ in Sri Aurobindo Society, Chennai, on November 10, 2018, to introduce the notion of wellness as an alignment of the four dimensions of human self – namely, the physical, the vital (emotional), the mental and the psychic or the spiritual. Designed as an experiential session of three hours, it aims to take the audience through reflections and introspections into simple practices of holistic hygiene at all these dimensions that will help maintain peace and balance both in the inner and outer environments.

SAFIM has been conducting experiential workshops on similar themes – ‘Managing Stress through Inner Poise’, ‘Positivity at Workplace’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Towards Life Beautiful’ – since almost a decade along with its executive interventions based on ‘Leadership by Consciousness’.

Following are some of the responses received from the participants of similar workshops.

It was perfectly perfect…  To me it seems that someone has called me to a treasury, taught me to open the door and also told me about the different types of treasures available. New, it’s my duty to collect as much treasure I can collect and put in my bags.. condition given is I have to first clean the bag to make it free of a single dirty particle.
– Mandira Dutta Mandal

It was a serious but very pleasant exploration of the ways in which one can meet the challenges of life in a complex world. Also shows a pathway to make the journey in the company of follow beings without stress and undue anxiety.
– Stanley Mukkath

The workshop made the experience of the self, deeper while exploring of strengths and limitations. The step-by-step working threw more light on our daily problems and how one can minimize them.
 – Smriti B. Vaishnav

The workshop made the introspection clearer; many aspects of the self were unknown until the workshop was undertaken.  It taught how to combat the worldly pressures.
 – Mithumita Bardhan

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