Workshop ‘Enhancing Positivity at Workplace’

Start Date:05-Sep-2018

End Date:06-Sep-2018

Location:Bhilai Management Development Centre (BMDC), Bhilai


Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted a workshop on ‘Enhancing Positivity at Workplace’ for two batches of senior executives of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), on September 5 and 6, 2018, respectively, at their Bhilai Management Development Centre (BMDC), Bhilai.

The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Rupa Saha, Director – SAFIM, through day-long experiential sessions where the participants related the subjects being discussed to their own experiences through deep reflections. The aim of the initial part of the workshop was to establish the state of consciousness of the self as the primary factor for effective positivity which sustains through any external situation. Then it explored higher ideals and universal values as the core foundation needed to develop the self towards a strong and dynamic positive consciousness. In subsequent sessions, the steps to prepare oneself to align one’s thoughts, actions and nature towards one’s higher ideals were discussed. The workshop concluded with a guided mediation.

The participants, most of whom were top-ranking officials of BSP, endorsed the learning as a self-revelation and gave feedback as below:

  • ‘Content was very thought-provoking’.
  • ‘My overall experience is very good. Learnt many things to spread positivity at workplace. I liked the content of the workshop and the exercises which I did during the workshop. My suggestion is to cover more people in the organization.’
  • ‘I liked specially the mixing of spirituality with science in the workshop and also the video shown to demonstrate values as foundation of positivity.’
  • Presentation skills, in-depth knowledge of the facilitator and the interactive exercises during the workshop made the topic interesting.
  • Workshop has been very useful in knowing myself in terms of positive and negative attitude. The ways to correct the negative attitude have been well explained.
  • The entire workshop was very holistic and dealt in detail.
  • The program is highly interactive and well formulated, bringing clarity in ideas and thought.
  • Enlightening, inspiring, pleasant and encouraging interactive sessions with a positive ambience. Beautiful session.
  • Given the abstract nature of the topic, the program was interesting due to the use of many activities / tasks. I got an opportunity to introspect my role at my workplace and to consciously make an effort to increase alignment of my responses to the higher ideals.
  • The experience was good with a lot of takeaways. Presentation and delivery style were outstanding. Content structure is to the point and simple to understand.

The experience was good and I had a very deep insight of the person I see in the mirror every day. This program would really help in increasing the positivity of self and surrounding.