Workshop ‘Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership’

Start Date:24-Aug-2018

End Date:25-Aug-2018

Location:Hotel Vestin Park, Chennai


Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted an experiential workshop, titled ‘Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership’, for management executives of various corporates on August 24–25, 2018, at Hotel Vestin Park, Chennai.

National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, was the principal partner for the workshop.

The workshop was attended by senior executives from finance, health and many different departments.

The programme, facilitated by Ms Rupa Saha, Director – SAFIM, and Mezjan Dallas, Senior Associate – SAFIM, began with an unconventional round of introductions, which broke the ice and set the theme of the workshop as well.

The concept of Governance, its importance and the reasons for its failure in the business world were discussed through interactive sessions and group discussions, supported by relevant video clips and case studies. The varied scenarios where human nature plays the main culprit in failing governance were also demonstrated. All the participants converged in concluding that external frameworks and regulations are effective only when aberrations in human nature do not etch out loopholes into them.

True governance starts from the self and thus the integral approach to an awakening of the ‘ethical consciousness’, the crucial steps to self-governance and the role of effective leadership in a ‘conscious’ self-governing community were deliberated in detail.

On the concluding day, the participants were ready with an action plan, to go back and implement the learning of self-governance towards governance, not only in a professional environment, but in every aspect of life.

Feedback from inspired participants:

The workshop is simply superb. Faculties deliberated the concepts by way of simple narrations and extracted the thoughts from the participants. I would definitely recommend this workshop to my friends.
– Gowri A Jaishankar, TTK Healthcare

This program enables us to understand the corporate practices of governance and the causes of its failures. The human factor and the consciousness factor are definitely necessary for governance.
– Biju Panicker, Urban Planning & GIS Specialist

Corporate governance, the concerns and failures are well covered. Human factor and self-governance discussions were very good.
– P. V. Chandrasekaran, Catholic Syrian Bank

I appreciate the way the session was conducted. SAFIM should tie up with corporate to conduct these programs.
– P. M. Murale, Trade Link

The presentation and the participative approach are very effective. I recommend this workshop for corporate executives.
– Ervadi S Rathakrishan