Teacher Education Camp for In-service Primary School Teachers (DSE, Puducherry)

Start Date:27-Aug-2018

End Date:29-Aug-2018

Location:District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Lawspet, Puducherry


Thematic Area: Innovative Pedagogical Interventions & Creative Teaching Aptitude

A three-day Teacher Education Camp on “Innovative Pedagogical Interventions & Creative Teaching Aptitude” was held from August 27 to 29, 2018, in Puducherry for primary school teachers of the Ministry of Education, Puducherry. Twenty-seven participants underwent a transcendental journey through this programme on the creative learning approach to Integral Education. The camp was designed by Theatre Arts in Education expert Ravi Shankar and was facilitated along with Arts in Education enthusiasts, Kiran and Hrishikesh, as an additional part of Sri Aurobindo Society’s transformative initiatives started as Rupantar.

The programme, held at the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Lawspet in Puducherry gave all the participants a wider perspective on the aspects of Education and its role in today’s world. Participants enjoyed experiencing the process of creative teaching through project works based on theatre and visual arts. The whole process sensitized them towards their role as compassionate and creative teachers and elevated them to the summit of their consciousness. Exploring the contextual and creative approach to the integrated learning processes connected them to their inner realm of unitive qualities. Finally the programme culminated with deeper reflection which resulted in chalking out their plan of action in regard to using all the innovative practices explored during these three days, to foster the integral development of their students. With the vibrations of renewed enthusiasm, joy and perspectives, they celebrated their valediction.

Excerpts from Feedback

After attending this camp, I have learnt to think everything in a deeper way and keep children’s sensitivity alive and encourage them to do creative invention which is not harmful to nature and the human being.
N (Name): B. Angel Regi, School (S): GPS, Sedarapet

This approach to teaching will surely open up all the kids with all their hidden qualities. And I’m sure, children will grow up to become good humans . . . this way they start  to observe nature, start to share the pains and can face the challenges courageously. N: M. Ezilarasi, S: GPS, Vennila Nagar

Through this process, the accepted learning outcome can be easily met. Students’ understanding will be clear. Involvement of each child will develop harmonious team work. This will help them become a human with great values. N: C. Ramya, S: GPS, Kalapet

It is a wonderful experience for me filled with fun, joy and thrill. Through activities I learnt how to cooperate with peers and with our own mind. Learning becomes easy and joyful when children learn though different activities. They enjoy the process more than conventional methods.
N: V. Hariharan, S: GPS – GPS, Thattanchavady

This training was very useful and different from other trainings because it started from one single point and ended with a big and beautiful circle by moving from the known to unknown concepts. The silent movement helped us to know our own potential and to understand the significance of a silent mind. Overall it was very useful.

Arranging the classroom in a different manner invokes self-learning in children. Through role-play and by creating real situations, we can teach many concepts. Each and every child can participate in this creative way of learning.  Different talent of each student can be encouraged.

Now I can connect all the concepts in a creative way to teach using theatre arts. Children find the Chalk and Talk method very boring so I’m planning to teach through innovative interventions which the team taught us. Completing posting is not alone a teacher's job, we have to also help our children become socially responsible citizens. I will help them to understand the values of life and morality through my creative activities. We need more trainings like this to upgrade our knowledge. 
N: Chitra. M, S: GPS, Manavelyca

The three-days’ training programme were very interesting and joyful. This training is based on how to make the learning interesting for students by incorporating stories, drama, puppetry, games, craftwork and different models.  N: K. Saraladevi, S: GPS, Pethuchettipet

I had a new experience in these three days. I learnt to get everything ready in seconds just like making 2 minutes noodles. The meditations in between each activity boosted me and gave more energy. Conversion of story into a drama is very helpful to attain the theme and learning outcome of the subject. Each and every child can be involved through this pedagogical intervention; involving the child to make more craft from the surrounding and discarded materials.

Wall hanging related to each topic can be made. Enacting stories into theatre makes the child involved in the lesson. N: R. Savitha, S: GPS, Thattanchavady (sn)

I had a wonderful experience during the three days of the programmes. It brought some of the hidden talents out. I enjoyed a lot and experienced a different environment of learning and teaching during the three days. This innovative teaching will help our children to learn by themselves.
N: Alonso Pope Sawar, S: GPS, Indira Nagar

This training boosts our skills, potentials, talents, energy, involvement, creativity, etc. It also helps us to plant more trees for our future need; it helps us to synthesize nature with education and vice versa. This helps us to create our classroom in a pragmatic way and also involve all the children without any hesitation. Through the tools of ‘Leela’, we can make our children not only learn the content but also to sensitize them towards the environment. When we follow these methods, we can easily attain the expected learning outcomes. N: V. Bavani, S: GPS, Korawelinsdu

These pedagogical interventions are relevant in today’s need for change in our education system. Through this theatre art, children’s behaviours would change and make them good citizens of our nation. They also can make themselves creative and can bring innovations in their life activities.
N: R. Muthukumaran, S:  GPS, Nettapakkam

This training was excellent and super. N: P. Kumaran, S: GPS, Kaharikippam

Today’s education system is always just running after marks and grades. Children with higher marks are lacking in life skills and values . . . these arts can be included to teach lessons which unknowingly bring out the life skill and values from the students itself. This is what proper education is.

If a student can explain what he learnt, it means that we have the ‘expected’ learning outcomes.  If a student could change himself and change his surroundings to what he wants to change after learning a topic, is the true expected learning outcome so I am sure this can happen when we adopt these Arts as tools to teach. N: S. Indra Priyadarshini, S: GPS, K.T.Kuppam