Study Camp — ‘The Art and Science of Being Happy’

Start Date:22-Apr-2017

End Date:23-Apr-2017

Location:SACAR, 39 Vanniar Street Vaithikuppam, Puducherry


We are all seeking happiness but are we looking in the right direction? Is there a technique of being happy? Is happiness a science or art or both? Sages and poets have described the wonderful world of inner riches. Kabir, the prophetic poet, sings of fragrant gardens and sweet flowing rivers in the heart. Since we carry the fragrance of love and sweetness within us, why is it that we don’t experience it? 

The Mother says:

“When one’s attention is always turned towards oneself, one is never happy. When one allows oneself to be ruled by every passing impulse, one is never peaceful.

It is through work and self-mastery that one can find happiness and peace.”

On April 22–23, 2017, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) and NAMAH—The Journal of Integral Health (a quarterly publication of Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research [SAIIIHR]) jointly organized a ‘Living Within’ Study Camp, titled ‘The Art and Science of Being Happy’.

This camp attempted to answer the following question—Which part in us is unhappy, sad, depressed and always complaining? What is the role of emotions and feelings in our life? All the participants discovered a lot more about themselves in this beautiful journey and explored the secret to being happy.

It was particularly well attended and the nine speakers gave their unique presentations which all concurred that true happiness can only be attained by living inwardly. If one lives on the surface, one is tossed around by circumstances. However, by living inside one accesses a deeper joy independent of whatever might arise from outside.