News from Our Centres and Branches in Uttar Pradesh

Start Date:01-May-2018

End Date:31-May-2018

Location:Noida and Muzzafarnagar, U.P., Sri Aurobindo Society premises

Institute:Sri Aurobindo Society

Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh

Auromirra’s Summer Camp on ‘Conscious Living’ in Muzaffarnagar

From May 19 to 30, 2018, Sir Aurobindo Society’s Muzaffarnagar centre organised an 11-day Auromirra's Summer Camp on ‘Conscious Living’ for children of the age group of 6 to 12 years. Some of the activities taken up every day of the camp included Flower Offerings to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo; Om Chanting; Meditation; Concentration Games and Distribution of Snacks, amongst others.

Following the registration process and other formalities on the first day, the life and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were introduced to the children attending the camp. Some important lessons on subjects such as ‘Blossoming like a flower without caring for what others think or do’ and others were taught. There was some homework on topics such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is there in me, apart from my body?’ and other tasks were given to the children and their parents.

During the camp, there was an art session and sheets were distributed on which the children painted beautiful images of Sri Krishna and Ma Yashoda. There was also an Art & Craft activity of making flowers with wool yarn.

In the following days, lessons on topics such as ‘Differences between animal and human being’; ‘What is consciousness?’; ‘Importance of expression by practical exercise’; ‘What I like? What I dislike?’ and ‘How to always remain happy’ and some others were also given. There were discussions on a large number of the following useful subjects: ‘Harmful effects of watching TV and playing with mobiles’ and ‘Shadow and light are equal within you . . . so don’t focus on your weak areas . . . concentrate on what you want to do and always look forward’; ‘What is soul?’; ‘Where is it located in our body? And How can we listen to it?’ and others.

On the concluding day of the camp, there was a session with the children’s mothers on ‘Conscious Parenting’.  All points from the Mother’s book advising parents and teachers on bringing up a child were covered. Besides, there was an exhaustive discussion with the children on the book An Ideal Child. Finally, all the parents present handed over their feedback forms, from which it was noted that the camp had a huge positive impact on all the children and parents attending it.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

Celebration of Annual Jayanti of Enshrinement of Sri Aurobindo’s Relics 

On May 1, 2018, our Noida branch celebrated the Enshrinement Day of Sri Aurobindo’s Relics.  Following the group meditation, a talk was given by Sri Arun Naik on the ‘Importance of Sri Aurobindo’s Relics’.

Blood Donation & Free Eye Checkup Camp​

​On May 13, a B​lood Donation Camp along with a free Eye Checkup Camp was organized in collaboration with Rotary Club and Eyecare Foundation.  The Camp witnessed a good number of footfalls.​

Savitri Study Circle Meetings

The ‘Savitri Study Circle’ met on all Wednesdays of the month for readings and discussions.

Regular Daily Activities

Apart from the above regular activities, Yoga classes were conducted on all days at the branch.

Meditation Hall and Library

The Noida branch’s Meditation Hall remains open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. It also houses a library – the finest spiritual library in Noida.