SAFIC Various Events – March & April 2018

Start Date:01-Mar-2018

End Date:30-Apr-2018

Location:Various Locations in New Delhi; SACAR, Exhibition Hall and Society Hall – Puducherry


In March and April, 2018, Dr Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC, was invited to give talks and participate in several programmes and seminars in New Delhi. He also conducted numerous workshops in Puducherry.

March 2018

Dr Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC, was invited as one of the keynote speakers in a national seminar on “How Should Our Sanskrit Classroom be Organized” on March 18, 2018, by the Patanjali Samskrit Sansthan, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

On March 21, Dr Mishra was invited to co-chair a session in the International Yoga Festival organized by Morarji  Desai  National Institute of Yoga and the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. Yogini Shambhavi of American Institute of Vedic Studies, USA, and Maa Madhuchandra of Isha Yoga, Coimbatore, were  the two speakers in this session who shared there yogic experiences. The session was chaired by Dr Mahesh Prasad Silodi, Professor HOD, Yoga, LBS Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi. Dr Mishra was instrumental in setting up of a book stall in the festival which displayed all books by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The stall was set up by the SABDA team of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch. 

From March 22 to 27, Dr. Mishra was invited to participate in an International Conference on “Indian Culture and Psychology: A Consciousness Perspective”, organized by the Department of Psychology, Delhi University and Infinity Foundation, USA. In this conference Dr. Mishra was asked to facilitate a full-day workshop on “Sanskrit and Cognitive Development: Multitasking and Beyond”. Around 25 participants were present in this workshop in which Dr Mishra explained about the Vedic art of multiple concentration. The workshop participants were given certain activities though which they were made conscious of the ability to take up double concentration.

In this conference Dr Mishra, as an invited speaker, spoke on “Sanskrit Non-translatable: A Fresh Insight into the Psychology of Word-formation in Sanskrit”.  In addition, Dr Mishra was requested to highlight the importance of ancient Indian research methodology.

On March 26, Dr Mishra was invited to give a special lecture on the Vedas at the PGDAV College, New Delhi. This lecture programme was organized by the Sanskrit Department of the college in which more than 100 students and few faculty members were present to listen to Dr Mishra on the Vedas in the light of Sri Aurobindo.

On March 28th, Dr Mishra conducted a session on “Meditations on Sanskrit Seed Sounds of the 12 Powers of the Mother Along with Chanting” at the Gnostic Center, New Delhi.

April 2018

Dr Sampadananda Mishra was invited as a facilitator to conduct four sessions on Vedas and Gita in a 15-day retreat organized by SACAR, Puducherry, from April 4 to 19, 2018.

From April 12 to 24, SAFIC organized a special Sanskrit learning class for a group of teachers and Sanskrit enthusiasts from Odisha. These participants were sensitized to start teaching simple Sanskrit to children of their respective areas by spending two to four hours on weekends. Accordingly the materials were provided to the participants.

On April 16, Dr Mishra addressed members of Auropath Team and explained to them the various projects of SAFIC in the fields of Sanskrit and Indian Culture. In an earlier session on March 18, Dr Mishra explained the importance of the Gita to them.

From April 22 to 30, 2018, SAFIC organized its annual exhibition at the Ashram exhibition Hall. The theme of this year’s exhibition was “The Scientific Heritage of India”. The exhibition was inaugurated at 9.30 a.m. with a meditation on April 22nd. More than 800 people visited the exhibition, and students from various schools of Puducherry who visited took notes from the exhibits.


Being in the exhibit was an exhilarating experience. It rejuvenated the spirit of our glorious past and gave a lucid and expansive overview of the foundations of our culture and heritage. 
– Mandeep Singh

On April 23, Dr Mishra gave a talk on “Life Beautiful: Insights From Ancient Indian Scriptures”, in a two-day study camp jointly organized by SACAR and the NAMAH team of Sri Aurobindo Society.

From April 26 to 28, SAFIC organized a three-day workshop on “The Secret of Conscious Maternity and Parenting in Spiritual Light”. Around 22 participants from various parts of India and abroad participated in this workshop. The workshop was facilitated by experts in the fields of childbirth, psychology, spiritual healing, Ayurveda, Yoga, music, ancient scriptures, Mantra Yoga and so on. Various sessions in this workshop were “True Aim of Life”, “Joy of Conscious Parenting”, “Man and Woman Relationship”, “Newborn and the Human Micro biome”, “Spiritual Birthing”, “Childbirth on Sunlit Path”, “How to Bring Up a Child”, “Power of Sounds and Its Influence in Pregnancy”, “New Age Parenting” and “Mantra Yoga”.