All India Youth Camp—‘Towards Self-Mastery’

Start Date:04-Jan-2017

End Date:12-Jan-2017

Location:Society House of Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


This New Year at the Sri Aurobindo Society started with an invocation on the first day of the year, and then came the great question of what connects us deeply and truly with everything around us? A group of youth from all around the country gathered to explore the first steps towards this—they had gathered to spend time together in this quest through the annual All India Youth Camp themed ‘Towards Self-Mastery’, organized at Puducherry from January 4 to 12, 2017. It was an attempt to explore, discover and create a new future for themselves and for the country, in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother!

Sri Aurobindo Society has been organizing such youth camps annually for the past 32 years and has been touching and transforming young lives all over the country. This year, with partial sponsorship from Lala Diwan Chand Trust, New Delhi, a total of 30 participants from various states of India joined in with a youthful verve and enthusiasm. Along with Shivakumar, Director, AuroYouth, an energetic team of resource persons organized the entire camp.

It was a camp filled with engaging participation, inquisitive questions and a lot of discoveries about themselves and also their adventurous side. They bonded together as a family and discovered a new home both within and without! For a beautiful, pictorial report (PDF ~ 3MB) written by two of the participants Nikita and Supriya covering the sessions in detail, use this link:  

The youth camp flowed to begin a new life for the group of youth, with all expressing their gratitude towards the Divine for giving them such an opportunity to live together and to learn and grow in His light. All the participants promised that they will take these discoveries with them and will use them in making their life and the world a better place. 

Feedback from Participants

“All the sessions of Shivakumar Da have helped me know myself in such a deeper sense that I know today as to how to see to that love, beauty and devotion within us and use the unlimited bundles of these energies in our life. Would love to become a resource person like him.” —Sheetal Verma 

‘Sanskrit’—if only it was introduced to me in my school life, would have done wonders. The sessions were very good, especially the last session on Sanskrit language. It showed me the power the language encompasses.” —Radhika Pillay

“I would like to suggest to increase the camp period; 15 days may be.” —Mrinal M. Bijjargi

“Learnt that art of origami is a form of meditation but I do not agree with standardization of beauty-like just flowers or organized things are beautiful.” —Nikita Shaw

“Yogic sessions were a lot of fun. They were very informative and also refreshing. Yoga is something I had never considered to include in my workout regime, but after consulting with Shekhar Bhaiya and learning about it, I shall try to include it.”—Itisha Singh

“An experience I cannot describe. I just loved it. I participated in each and every activity. Felt childlike and it added a lot to my personal interests. Taught me sportsmanship. Thank You Sushanto Da.”—Supriya Meshram

“Amazing, Puja Di’s sessions did give me wings to fly and fuel to boost up. More number of such types of sessions should have been there.” —Kashish Shah

“We should communicate with ourselves; no one is better friend of ours than self. The sessions involved so many activities which were easily understood. Every session was so unique and different.” —Marmika M. Bijjargi