‘Mastering Swarajya’ – The Realm of Self’, Phase I

Start Date:17-Apr-2018

End Date:18-Apr-2018

Location:Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai



On April 17–18, 2018, Rupa Saha, Director, and Mezjan Dallas, Senior Associate, of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) facilitated the first phase of the Leadership Intervention Programme, titled ‘Mastering Swarajya, the Realm of Self’, for senior executives of CISCO who are assigned to the Reliance JIO project.

The Leadership Intervention Programme

The Leadership Intervention Programme, spanning over a period of 3 months, constitutes of a 2-day workshop and a series of one-on-one executive coaching for the senior leaders in the team. It is aimed to help them in identifying and enhancing their own strengths to bring in sustainable leadership in aiming for and realizing larger visions in all realms of work and life.

In the first phase of the programme, the executives participated in a deeply interactive and self-exploratory 2-day workshop which had several experiential sessions to make them introspect on their inclinations and aspirations. The facilitators discussed several methods of using one’s inherent potential to achieve the ultimate purpose of their professional and personal life. These include the ways of understanding and aligning different parts of the self to the higher ideals one aspires for and also the method of stepping back or detachment from all situations and observing them like a witness self.

The workshop was followed by the first of the series of one-on-one executive coaching sessions with each participant – discussing their aspirations and challenges and specific ways to work towards their goals.

The first phase was concluded successfully with active participation from the invigorated participants and interesting takeaways in terms of practices in daily life to move towards their goals.

The follow-up coaching sessions are scheduled to be conducted over the next 3 months.


“The Program was good. Keeping a mind time frame – the content was well articulated. The inclusion of more motivational/leadership videos would have been added flavor to the course.”
—Ratish C Kawji

“It has helped me reset my focus towards the aspiration I have in life.”
—Suresh Pandey

“The Program will help to introspect and identify strengths and weaknesses. It will also help to work on inner strengths and to achieve set goals”
—Ankur Agarwal

“The Program is very structured and the chain of sessions will keep us in track while working towards our Aspiration and towards gaining strength & overcoming weakness.
—Gurprit Kaur