RUPANTAR Events/Activities in September 2017

Start Date:01-Sep-2017

End Date:30-Sep-2017

Location:Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh


New Wave of Change: ZIIEI’s First Ever Exhibition

Through their programme Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI), Sri Aurobindo Society is leaving no stone unturned to contribute to the task of nation building. The Society took the programme to the next level by organizing a grand exhibition on Zero Investment Innovations at Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, to create awareness about ZIIEI and promote the programme to a larger populace of academia, communicating its key message. There was an energetic and highly interactive discussion with the whole teaching community. 

Why Barabanki?

Barabanki is one of those commendable districts where the government school teachers have set new benchmarks in innovation just within last year through ZIIEI initiative. Not only 5 teachers of Barabanki schools (selected from among 3 lakh) were featured in the ZIIEI Navachar Pustika released in 2016 (being distributed to 15 lakh teachers in 12 states), but every single government school in the district today is implementing a zero-investment idea—making the district’s innovation quotient 100%.

Out of 30 awarded innovators, 4 belonged to the Barabanki region itself. These 4 innovators were invited to exhibit their zero investment innovation ideas to a wider audience, thus lighting the fire of enthusiasm in every teacher present there, to come forth with their ideas and be a part of this transformation process. RUPANTAR identified 11 schools in Barabanki who have implemented one or the other ZIIEI idea. These 11 schools were invited to exhibit different ZIIEI ideas and share their valuable insights on the positive change that has been experienced post the ZIIEI idea implementation. This helped not only in reinforcing the importance of ZIIEI idea implementation among the teaching community but also inspired and prepared other schools to go ahead with idea generation and implementation. From the 16 blocks in Barabanki, 10 teachers from every block were invited to exhibit their zero-investment ideas which haven’t been registered yet. This ensured the perennial enrichment of ZIIEI idea pool. The depth of enthusiasm in this participation made us aware of the fact that government schools are nowhere lacking in becoming the centres of excellence. These 160 teachers set an example that if given a chance, recognition and appreciation can help talent bring a big change.

This exhibition was the first in the series, many more exhibitions to come.

Launch of ‘Innovative Paathshala’—ZIIEI Curriculum at the Exhibition

ZIIEI ideas have been mapped with the textbooks of Uttar Pradesh to help teachers create a joyful learning. The collated innovations in the book have been published after thorough deliberation so that they can be implemented to improve the quality of education. The teachers as well as the students will have an extremely satisfying journey of imparting and receiving knowledge through this ZIIEI curriculum.

Mr Sambhrant Sharma, Direction—Education, Sri Aurobindo Society, was emphatic, “Through such kind of exhibitions; Sri Aurobindo Society is committed to provide a platform and recognition to teachers and to their efforts. Only when teachers will feel empowered, we will feel that our efforts were meaningful, he added further.”

On this occasion, Honourable MHRD Minister, Mr Prakash Javadekar sent a heart-warming video message for the entire teaching fraternity. He said, “Uttar Pradesh is redefining education through their innovations. ZIIEI has brought them to the foreground and the results are for all of us to see!” He congratulated and appreciated the entire teaching fraternity for their relentless efforts. Mr Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education and Literacy, MHRD, too sent a very inspiring video message for the teachers.

Mrs Anupama Jaiswal, Basic Education Minister, Uttar Pradesh was the Chief Guest at the exhibition. She said, “Development is only possible through grass root level innovative education and Sri Aurobindo Society is doing a tremendous job in this direction.” Mr Sandeep Singh, State Minister Education, Uttar Pradesh, also graced the occasion with his esteemed presence.