All India Youth Camp—‘Hero Warriors’

Start Date:04-Jan-2018

End Date:12-Jan-2018

Location:Society House of Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


FB Photo album of the Youth Camp
In order to meet the challenges of modern life, we need to build up a strong character, as that of a hero warrior, which is capable of taking decisions courageously and carrying them out meticulously. But we need to prepare ourselves well, in order to have the courage to face all difficulties and oppositions that life presents to us, and base our outlook on the delight of love for all.

With the above as the main focus, the annual ALL INDIA YOUTH CAMP 2018, themed ‘HERO WARRIORS’, was organized in Puducherry from January 4 to 12, 2018. A total of 35 youth aged 18-28 years from 11 states of India, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, New Delhi, and Gujarat, participated in the camp. Most of the participants had come to Puducherry for the first time, and they all could feel the ambience that this small but beautiful city had in every corner.

Sri Aurobindo Society has been organizing such youth camps annually for the past 32 years and has been touching and transforming young lives all over the country. This year, it was partially funded by the Lala Diwan Chand Trust, New Delhi. Along with Shivakumar, Director, AuroYouth, an energetic team of resource persons organized the entire camp.

The camp had in store for them a journey of discovering their true selves and experiencing a deeper happiness through learning the art and science of LOVE & COURAGE. There were a series of dynamic activities, deepening sessions, games, discussions etc. The participants woke up at 5 every morning and then followed the vibrant and diverse range of sessions and activities meant to open up a whole new experience of seeing things differently. Under the camp leader Shivakumar Da, Director, AuroYouth, an energetic resource team conducted the camp to make these young Hero Warriors ready to face the upcoming challenges that the country need to face.