Herbal Products Making Training Empowers Local Participants

Start Date:05-Jul-2024

End Date:06-Jul-2024

Location:Satyam Community Centre

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

SARVAM conducted a two-day herbal products making training session from 5th to 6th July 2024 at the Satyam Community Centre in Poothurai. This initiative, supported by CPCL, aimed to educate and empower 75 participants from eight villages on the process of making various herbal products using natural ingredients.

The training focused on creating natural skincare products and herbal remedies using herbs, plant butters, and oils. Participants learned to make oils, lotions, incense sticks, and cones, gaining valuable knowledge and skills for personal use or to start their own businesses in the herbal products industry.

Key topics covered included:

  • Overviews of plants and their products
  • Methods of analysis in herbal remedies
  • Quality control and good manufacturing practices for herbal goods
  • Creating and formulating herbal products
  • Handling herbal product marketing
  • The hands-on training allowed participants to engage in group projects, creating kum kum, hair oils, pain oil, incense sticks, and natural cones. The practical instruction was met with enthusiasm, and participants were thrilled to take home the products they created.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, praising the comprehensive curriculum, hands-on approach, and expertise of the trainers. Many participants expressed confidence in their ability to create high-quality herbal products and showed eagerness to apply their newfound knowledge in their businesses or personal lives. They left the training with a deeper understanding of the value of herbal goods and the skills to produce them effectively.