International Yoga Day: Mudras and Asanas

Start Date:21-Jun-2024

End Date:21-Jun-2024

Location:10 different village centres

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

On 21 June 2024, in celebration of International Yoga Day, around 200 women from ten villages participated in mudra and yoga practices at ten different village centres, organised by SARVAM Puducherry.

Community participation in these yoga events fostered a sense of unity and togetherness, promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences among participants. This collective practice created a supportive and encouraging environment, allowing individuals to deepen their understanding of yoga and its benefits while building lasting connections with others.

The village women eagerly participated in the yoga programme and assured that they would continue practising yoga in their daily lives and promote it to other women in their villages. The coordinator explained that the women could promote yoga by organising community yoga sessions, sharing their personal experiences and benefits of practising yoga, encouraging others to join yoga classes or workshops, and creating awareness about the importance of yoga for physical and mental well-being through social media platforms and community events.

As a result of practising yoga mudras and asanas, the women gained confidence. Regular practice of yoga mudras and asanas can have long-term effects on their well-being, improving flexibility, strength, and overall physical health while also promoting mental clarity, stress reduction, and emotional balance.

The event concluded happily, with the women expressing their gratitude to the coordinators for their support. This support not only helped improve their physical and mental well-being but also provided a sense of community and belonging. The women felt empowered to continue their yoga journey even after the programme ended.