Andril Koodal’24

Start Date:06-Jun-2024

End Date:07-Jun-2024


Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

The Andril Koodal '24 (Glossy Ibis) Children's Summer Camp was held at Sharanam, Sri Aurobindo Society, on June 6 and 7, 2024, engaging 49 students from the Bridge Education Center on the first day and 59 students on the second day. The camp commenced with an opening prayer and a music memory game, followed by science classes led by Mr. D. Aravindaraja, which provided a hands-on understanding of scientific principles through interactive experiments. Traditional games, such as Gilli-Danda, were led by Mr. Sivakumar, highlighting the importance of physical activities for bodily health and their role in a balanced lifestyle. In the afternoon, a puppet show and craft class were conducted by Mrs. Elizabeth Rani and Mrs. Thamilarasi, where children created paper puppets and performed their own stories.

On the second day, the focus shifted to environmental photography and conservation. Workshops covered camera basics and practical photography in groups, with Mr. B. Anand Astell demonstrating the basic features and use of a camera. Ms. Sankaradevi guided a field visit to AuroVanam, focusing on butterfly and species observation. Additionally, Dr. Jalatheswari and Mr. K. Perumal provided coaching to prepare children for competitive exams, emphasizing the significance of mathematics in daily life.

The two-day educational sessions received positive feedback, with students enjoying hands-on science experiments, brainstorming sessions, and photography and videography classes. However, some students struggled with solving mathematical equations, indicating a need for additional support or different teaching strategies. One of the highlights of Andril Koodal '24 was the field visit to AuroVanam, which provided hands-on experience with traditional trees, plants, and medicinal herbs. The puppet show was also successful, allowing students to showcase their talents. To improve future sessions, it is recommended to extend the study duration to accommodate more in-depth learning and activities, and to address math struggles to foster a more inclusive and engaging learning environment.