Vaigarai'24 Village Festival

Start Date:30-May-2024

End Date:01-Jun-2024

Location:Kuruvinatham, Bahour Commune

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

Under the umbrella of the Sri Aurobindo Society, the Svarnim Puducherry team scheduled the Vaigarai'24-village festivities in Kuruvinatham, Bahour Commune, from May 30 to June 1 2024. The event's missions are to support livelihood initiatives and improve rural communities' quality of life by advancing enterprises, sustainability, education, and health.

The three-day Vaigarai'24 programme engaged 50 students and 25 women in workshops on various topics. Children and youth learned about physical and mental health, education, science, 3D printing, and environmental awareness. Women received training focused on livelihood improvement through water hyacinth handicrafts, self-employment in palm leaf crafts, and digital marketing. Additionally, sessions covered menstrual hygiene, palliative care, and current banking schemes.

Mr. R. Senthil Kumar, MLA for Bahour constituency, highlighted the potential of water hyacinth handicrafts for enterprise development at the closing ceremony. Participants received certificates for their participation. Recognizing the program's success, a resident from Kuruvinatham requested a follow-up handicraft workshop for their self-help groups.