A Consciousness Approach to Terminal Illness & End-of-Life Care with Dr. Yogesh Mohan

Start Date:29-Jun-2024

End Date:29-Jun-2024



This session captured the essence and significance of an approach steeped in the wisdom teaching of cultures, abounding in richness, depth, pragmatism and revelatory experiential insights.

Dr. Yogesh’s session encapsulated the poise of the consciousness approach, an approach that derives its strength from being anchored in Light, awareness, understanding and an absolute faith in the presence of the Divine.

Under the canopy of a consciousness stationed in light and a faith in the Presence, Dr. Yogesh stated that it’s possible to witness the engulfing darkness transition into a twilight hour of hope, nurturance and love.

Dr. Yogesh stated that while the very word, ‘death’ casts a pall of gloom and fear, seers like Sri Aurobindo cleaved off the fear-ridden response to the phenomenon termed ‘death', by their inner seeing of the truth, that the end-of-life phenomena signify only ’a departure from life’.

Dr . Yogesh pointed out that seen from the poise of a spiritual perspective, against the light provided by the highest wisdom, the end-of-life phase is to be embraced and experienced as the most significant moments in time, a time to step out of the trappings of one's conceptual mind with its conditioned and pre-set notions of viewing challenging times as a harbinger of unending grief.

The phase, he declared, is the time bequeathed to go beyond the mind's constant engagement with the so- called, deemed essentials and its paraphernalia and connect to inwardness, connect to the Spirit that lies within; it's only in such moments of time that questions regarding life and death become real. There's much to be unveiled when one goes beyond the rational mind.

When the imminence of death is sensed as a reality by the dear ones, this period of time can transition into a phase, unfolding a life-transforming opportunity to connect with what carries the seeds and Light of Reality.

The time can open the doors of a meaningful dimension of reality; a time to ask oneself as to what truly matters, as to ‘what and who’ matters, getting to understand that every second matters, every breath matters .... it's an opportunity, and invitation to connect to life, address authentic needs, connect to meaning and purpose in whatever way possible.

While grief, sorrow, and suffering at the physical and emotional level loom large on one side, paradoxically this phase, Dr. Yogesh stated, is the time for de-cluttering and understanding with clarity as to what is truly essential for the deepest self, from a spiritual point of view.

The session explored the possibility of ushering in a holistic consciousness -led perspective to examine the following:

Can these dualities (life and death), which are considered irreconcilable, ever come together, co-exist under the overarching care of love and light of a consciousness that transcends fear and grief.... a consciousness that seeks the hands of the Divine to stay above the pull of grief and suffering, with the clear aim of offering to the dear ones, facing the imminent approach of death, miniscule moments of life touched by breath, touched by the nurturing presence of a flower, touched by the gentle yet potent power of a mantra, a chant, a song ...., touched by a healing energy field that manifests itself through the care- givers’ intimate bonds with the Divine Light within oneself?

These moments are like little threads of light that weave a canopy of care, nurturance and joy.

Points of Light for Care-givers

Dr. Yogesh Mohan’s session precisely threw light on the possibility of integrating the light of life into the darkness of a phase that prefaces the coming of an end to life.

Caregivers, especially family members, need to free their minds from the rigidity and tyranny of conclusive statements that border on self-pity or self-criticism, statements that drive them to the brink of hopeless-ness, guilt or depression. These could be in the nature of deep regrets for decisions made regarding treatment, or thoughts of the future filled with the bleakness of separation, etc.

He spoke about the necessity to suffuse oneself with the light of the truth that the phenomena of birth and death operate outside the field of one’s influence or control.

Death is a phenomenon that is predetermined, none can exercise a control over this phenomenon that is sculpted by the hands of destiny.

Hence, burdening oneself by indulging in disempowering thoughts about oneself or the situation only accentuates the suffering and state of helplessness.

When things ‘wind towards the pre-destined end’, care-givers need to find strength in anchoring to faith or spiritual guidance, and evolve in understanding to be able to see in the situation an opportunity to rise above the ashes of overwhelming grief and with a heightened consciousness offer the souls set to depart a prayer, a regard, an act of love, that can impart a subtle sense of care; by invoking the Grace of the Divine Mother, offering all to Her and surrendering all, one gains the strength that Her love bequeaths and one can transition into a channel of Her light at such moments.

On Expanding the Field of One’s Vision

By gently expanding one’s field of awareness and vision, one opens oneself to be nurtured by the Presence of the Divine, that manifests itself as The Essence in Nature.

The gentle radiance emanating from a flower, the warmth that resides in the gentle rays of the sun, the touch of a breath in consciousness…. can impart to an aching heart a touch of love and nurturance so tender and subtle, every drop of care in Presence and Light can slake the thirst of a life in crisis.

Gently facilitating those struggling in the grip of illness, to cultivate a soft connection to such sources of purity can be very resourceful.

It necessitates the care-giver to be stationed in the conviction of the power that lies in such deeply nourishing practices.

One needs to understand the vicissitudes of nurturance that lies layered in the field of creation. One must have an abiding faith in the concept of ‘nothing is little’.

Practices are valued for the subtle richness they carry, as messengers of Divine Love.

A mechanical approach is bound to strip the practices of the essence they hold.

Understanding the Laws of Creation

Dr. Yogesh reiterated the need for one to grow in understanding of the essence of life and the purpose of the phenomena of death. Death is to be considered as a natural culmination of life, with the limitations of the physical body, that is bound by the laws of creation.

Death signifies a liminality and care-givers, by positioning themselves on higher rungs of awareness, consciousness and faith, can help usher in a ray of light even in darkest of hours, by taking recourse to bhajans, mantric chants that contain in their sounds, seeds of light, wisdom and Presence.

Dr. Yogesh pointed out that many cultures are replete with such practices, practices which are offshoots of a revelatory knowledge.

The power of prayer is to be held in remembrance as a prayer that wells up from the depth of the being invoking Divine Grace is sure to receive the touch of Grace.

Understanding that Consciousness is many-layered

As is the Consciousness, so is the quality of care and bonding.

A love that frees itself from the clinging nature of attachments must find a footing in the care-giver’s heart.

An inner realm with its radiance, clarity and strength needs to be accessed, as one understands the limitations of the surface consciousness and its narrow field of vision and awareness.

We live in multiple layers of consciousness and are largely stationed in the surface consciousness.

A life stationed in this level of consciousness may not be able to withstand the harsh winters imposed by situations that are foreboding. Hinged to this surface consciousness, one becomes oblivious to other layers of consciousness that lie within, unexplored.

Life lived in the realms of inner layers of consciousness bequeaths to life a true meaning. Life becomes more meaningful and a love that flows from the beatitude of the inner realms can be a golden bridge connecting one to the loved ones; a bond imperceptible to the ordinary vision can flourish in this soil of inwardness and Presence.

Aspects that need to be addressed

Some of the points that came up during the participant’s interaction were:

The need to facilitate care-givers to move out of the zone of self-sabotaging patterns imposed by grief /guilt regarding decision making.

The need of care-givers to connect back to themselves with compassion.

The need to heal and integrate unresolved aspects of guilt, suffering etc.

The need to see in the present an opportunity to expand the horizon of care…. take tiny steps such as encouraging the dear ones in the midst of a challenging phase of life to experience the gentle flow of life.

Dr. Yogesh emphatically advocated the practice of withdrawing into a meditative state, connecting to one’s inner realms of quietude, keeping at bay the reactive egocentric mind that has in its hold only preset answers and notions that are devoid of depth and relevance.

Poised in the space of an inwardness and heightened consciousness, one invokes the grace of the Divine Presence, seeking guidance as a child and channel of That Presence and Healing Power, to be able to articulate what has to be articulated, keeping as close to the truth as the situation demands.

Dr. Yogesh emphasized the importance of patience in action as one waits in the Presence of Grace for some light to emerge. The guidance may come in as an intuitive streak of light, unlabored and the Divine guidance becomes almost tangible …. one finds oneself speaking what needs to be spoken…. but the antecedent to this trail in light must be the movement and offering of the being in total surrender to the Divine with the aspiration of functioning as a pure channel of The Divine.

In that poise, one’s presence itself can be truly nurturing to the afflicted people.

Being in this elevated state of consciousness is the greatest asset and blessing to those around who need healing.

The healing energy of that consciousness can flow through distances, intangibly connecting the giver and the receiver and fostering a bond so deep that that is not perceptible to the ordinary eye.

Dr. Yogesh underlined the power of embracing such a poise of consciousness, as the subtle energy that emanates from a meditative state of consciousness can be very nurturing. Again, invoking the Presence of the Divine provides the alchemic touch.

The cornerstones of a pure inner work that has the power to transform the crippling energies, heal and soothe are trust and faith in The Divine Presence as a guiding light and a consciousness vast and high, stationed in Spirit, in the inner recesses of the being.

The Poise of a Detached Attachment

It’s by freeing oneself from the overwhelming and overshadowing aspects of attachment and grief, that care- givers can offer to the afflicted, the best that is possible.

An attachment that is characterised by a refusal to accept reality, a refusal to let go can be very stifling and disempowering.

A clarity emerges when one stays in the higher rungs of consciousness that guide one in decision-making, regarding the modalities and nature of treatment to be given.

A commitment to stay aligned to the purpose of ushering in quality to the life of the afflicted, in whatever measure is possible forms the base line.

The sole aim is to ensure that whatever days / minutes are left for the loved ones to breathe their last, are minutes that are sculpted in light, care and love. Where providing life-support systems is advocated as an option , care-givers need to judiciously weigh the situation and arrive at a decision based on the principle of ushering in a quality of life, even in the phase that marks the journey towards the end of life.

A consciousness approach that invokes the grace and guidance of the Divine leaves no room for guilt and provides a scaffolding to the emotional state of the being. One is able to regulate one’s emotions and what stands out is the aspiration and will to address the true needs of the challenging hour.

Care-givers need to empower themselves to be able to offer to the loved-ones, hours crafted in love and mindfulness.

A laudable gesture indeed, if they can bequeath to the afflicted, the gift of an environment that is an expression of hope, faith and light.

The ambiance of the physical environment must be one that uplifts the spirit, the space to be well lit…. and the colours and lighting chosen consciously so as to impart a sense of harmony and hope.

Care-givers need to be attuned to the purpose of enabling the dear ones to find joy, even in the last few days. Engaging in healthy discussions can have a positive impact on the dear ones.

To be able to accept death gracefully is indeed a lofty poise in consciousness.

A consciousness that is nurtured in love and respect, an attitude rich in the understanding of life’s purpose, a heart that reposes its faith in the unfailing Grace makes this possible.

On the Efficacy of Rituals

Rituals need to be understood and the practices embraced should be meaningful.

The simple practice of lighting a lamp can be a deeply nurturing experience if one aspires to cultivate a relationship with light. It can be a spiritually rewarding experience.

Rituals can help people to heal. Rituals can help family members/care-givers transition to a state of peace if they are able to connect to their significance, surrendering their emotional void and burden at the altar of sacredness.

On the difference between religion and spirituality

Sri Aurobindo refers to spirituality as an uplifting force that can foster a deeper, mellow understanding of the nuances of life and act as a guiding light both in inner and outer life. It can place one at a vantage-point of orienting oneself to view all events in the light of a spiritual experience.

Spirituality is an awakening of one’s being to the inner reality making it possible for aspirants to connect to The Divine Light within and foster an everlasting bond with this Presence. It marks the presence of a consciousness high and vast, above the pull of desires and demands.

Dr. Yogesh pointed out that religion on the other hand witnesses a pull and a demanding stance of people, that allows an unfulfilled desire to dampen the very spirit of devotion. One even loses faith in the Divine.

On Connecting to Purpose

Connecting to purpose, paves the way to connect to life as attention rivets to the here and now, this is true for all . Stepping into the domain of spirituality provides the bandwidth to free oneself from sorrow imposed by a conditioned mind.

Subtle channels of communication with the Divine become a natural, organic and authentic movement in life.

As for care-givers, connecting to the aspiration, intent and purpose of providing utmost comfort to the dear ones , liberates them from the confines of fear and uncertainties that drain the very sap of their life.

A No to Self-Referencing

It’s important for care-givers to change the equation by moving out of the poise of victimhood, immersing themselves in thoughts of what may befall them in future. Such a poise imprisons them, within the confines of a grief that is experienced as an overwhelm, causing them to drown in self -pity and depression, making them unavailable for themselves and their dear ones.

This is to be replaced by lighting the lamp of will and staying aligned to the purpose of offering a tender, loving care from the space of an inwardness and a state of heightened consciousness.

Inner work is indispensable for care- givers as it’s only in the quietude of the inner space that one can equip oneself to stay grounded, anchored, supported and guided by the light within.

Dr. Yogesh emphatically stated that the seed idea of helping people in the last phase of their life’s journey to find meaning and connect to life must be nurtured. Caregivers can help create a conducive ambience and help them connect to chants, prayers, and other subtle practices.

Mantric chants are embodied seeds of Presence crystallized into word forms.

Where uncertainties loom large and one feels unmoored, chants can be the golden thread connecting the self to Presence and their potency to engulf the being with their Light.

Crafting a Life for the Ageing

Speaking on the nature and quality of life that can be embraced by people advancing in age, and moving towards the next phase in life, Dr. Yogesh reiterated the need to live life, connected to purpose. That alone has the efficacy to facilitate them tread the sun- lit path in light, love, peace, harmony and faith.

Whatever takes them towards these luminous qualities must be embraced.

Living in light, in inwardness, in purpose must be the axis around which life needs to revolve.

Shedding of interests in purposeless activities and a desire to reconnect to what really matters can bring a qualitative change to life.

The little flame of desire to connect to life meaningfully needs to be kept alive, to usher an aliveness quotient to life.

Old age should not be dreaded.

Ageing people need to be encouraged to embrace reasonable measures of independence.

When their functionality is affected, it tends to cause in them a helplessness and they fear the possibility of getting pushed into a state of dependency.

Family members/care-givers need to be sensitive to their overall need and help them find in everyday simple practices (such as watering a plant, cleaning a space, etc.) a connect to life and a joy, by layering a meaning that has the overtones of a spiritual essence and the sacredness that accompanies a ritual….

Any act is made sacred, by the presence of a caring intent and the presence of the heart.

Such practices bring to the fore the delicate beauty and balance of a healthy independence (no matter how measured it be) and a loving interdependence.

It provides a doorway to reconnect with life.

Care-givers can help create a space where a delicate and joyful experience may emerge.

It’s good to hold in remembrance that there’s always a choice to make, the possibility of sinking into a vast emptiness vs. the possibility of cultivating a sense of beloved-ness by connecting to the Spirit that dwells in all.

The session closed with Dr. Yogesh initiating a poignant meditative practice that had the potency to unveil the power of connecting to The Divine Mother’s Grace within.

The participants were asked to relax into a flowing state, with their eyes closed.

Connecting to the heart centre, they were guided to bring their attention to the mooladhara and connect to Mother Earth, surrendering all, their worries, fears, emptiness, sadness …at Her Feet.

Participants were guided to melt into a deeper state of surrender, surrendering their names, their identities, their roles, their relationships, freeing themselves from their ego self and ego personality…. detaching themselves from the surface.

They were guided to bring their attention to the heart center and as if opening a door, enter into their own inner space ... .as vast as the sky .... and stay stretched beyond their physical body, immersing in the expansiveness of the inner space.

Staying in this inner space they were guided to invoke the Divine Mother’s presence and asked to feel the inner space transforming with Her Presence and Power and becoming luminous.

Connecting to the Psychic, or any form of Divinity they truly adore or The Divine Mother.

In this luminous space connect with a beloved one, (irrespective of whether the beloved one is still in the flow of life or has transitioned into the phase beyond life).

In the Presence and Love of The Divine Mother they were asked to feel the bond with their beloved one transforming into something beautiful and deep. Remaining in the flow of this transforming experience participants were guided to offer their prayers to The Divine Mother, for the health, peace, happiness of their dear one.

Dr . Yogesh described this as a wonderful way to connect with the dear ones.

He stated with conviction that it has the power to transform the nature of relationship that one has with a dear one.

This radiance spreads to embrace the dear ones, wherever they are stationed, and they experience a connection, a tender warmth of love, invade their being.

Summing up:

The spirit never dies.

Death is not to be feared.

Stay grounded in the luminous fold of Reality.

Live with purpose, aspiration, aligned to intent all through life, irrespective of age or the phase one is in.

Believe in the alchemic touch of a selfless care.

Expand the horizon of care and bequeath to the loved ones the experience and joy of living their life/ moments under the canopy of a care that brings meaning to their life.

Live/care from a heightened state of consciousness, invoking Presence.

Cultivate and nurture a love for inner work.

Nothing is too little. Small can be beautiful and meaningful.

Stay anchored to faith, invoke the Divine Light within, seek Grace, surrender the ego-personality.

Empower people to stay in a flow state, connecting to rituals and prayers.

Life is to be lived in the light of Consciousness…. a consciousness luminous and vast, that enables one to recognise Death as ‘a departure’, as Sri Aurobindo has stated, and a consciousness that lends an alchemic touch to life by its luminosity and Presence.


“Gave me some insights which I can use appropriately in my therapeutic practice.”

“Peace to be with such a beautiful group of people, as one.”


“Absolutely…. any time I can interface with you all, I learn more of how to live and be from the inside.”

“I appreciate the nature of these classes that address each participant and the collective; I don’t have any areas to recommend improvements. I did appreciate the Saturday class! Thank you to All for sharing your Truth and ‘Time’.”