Conscious Matter – Why Homoeopathy Heals

Start Date:28-May-2024

End Date:30-May-2024



‘Conscious matter’ an online workshop, conducted by Sigrid Lindemann, unfolded over 3 days. The workshop focused on an understanding of homoeopathy in light of Sri Aurobindo’s insights on matter. Through practical exercises and research case studies, the presenter helped the participants understand about homoeopathy and how it promotes holistic healing.

The presenter laid emphasis on how homoeopathy validates and demonstrates Sri Aurobindo’s’ views on matter which broadly recognises matter as an ascending series within the physical cosmos, moving from dense to more subtle forms. Between material substance and pure substance, there are intermediate stages. These stages bridge the gap between the inconscient (unconscious) matter and absolute consciousness, suggesting a gradual progression rather than an abrupt transition. Homoeopathy aligns with this as the remedies are prepared after recognising this subtle essence of the substance and not only the gross matter form.

Sigrid mentioned the root of her practice as the Sensation Method Approach, as developed by Dr. Sankaran, which she said is a further enhancement of classical homeopathy. The participants engaged in exercises such as doodling and self-analysis to understand one’s psychological make-up. The intent of the exercise was to give an insight into how the psychological states are used to map appropriate remedies for the patient as per the Sensation Method. Throughout the talk, the speaker shared examples and case studies and cited the latest research to help the audience understand the practical use of homoeopathy and the modern advancements.

The discussion acknowledged the scepticism faced by homoeopathy from the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine, which are based on biochemical models. However, it also highlighted the growing body of evidence supporting homoeopathy's efficacy through bio-physical mechanisms.

Above all, the speaker emphasised how homoeopathy promotes holistic healing by looking at various levels of the being in a person, unlike allopathy. Also, homoeopathy can be viewed as a tool according to herthat aids the raising of one’s consciousness, first for well-being and health as well as opening to a higher purpose, thereby supporting Sri Aurobindo’s vision. On the whole, the workshop was a well-rounded and broad exploration of homoeopathy from aspects metaphysical to practical.