Spiritual Wellbeing Retreat

Start Date:08-May-2024

End Date:08-May-2024

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


In collaboration with Chinmaya Surya, Sarvam conducted a spiritual wellness programme, in which around 80 participants took part. The objectives of the spiritual wellness programme were to enhance inner peace, promote personal growth, and foster a sense of belonging and community. The programme aimed to provide individuals with tools and techniques to nurture their spirituality, find meaning in life, and develop a stronger connection with themselves and their surroundings.

Either a religious or nonreligious endeavour can promote spiritual well-being. It encourages a sensible, perceptive, and composed approach to family, career, and educational demands. To put it another way, it gives us the fortitude to follow our intuition and the courage to work toward achievement. 

The facilitator explained that spiritual well-being is the capacity to combine art, nature, and/or a sense of connection with something more than ourselves to give our lives meaning and purpose. She continued by saying that developing both our feelings of peace and inner knowing can be beneficial to our general well-being.

All we can do, she said, is pray for world peace and ourselves. It will support and sway a lot of people's decisions. She also said that spirituality will help people build better relationships with other people, the unknown, and themselves. She emphasized that everyone may benefit from spirituality's sense of forgiveness, purpose, and serenity in managing stress. 

As a result of the talks, the women realized something about their thought processes as a result of Ganesh Pooja and Guru Pooja marking the beginning and conclusion, respectively. After the programme me, the women thanked Sarvam after they realized something about their thought processes. The programme had a profound impact on their thought processes, as it helped them gain a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and behaviours. The women realized how their thoughts had been influenced by spirituality and rituals, and this realization allowed them to question and challenge their existing mindsets. As a result, they were able to make positive changes in their thought processes and approach to life.

There was a strong demand for more spiritual events of the same nature to be held. Expanding the variety of spiritual events would allow individuals to explore and discover new practices that resonate with them, fostering a deeper connection with their faith or spirituality. It could also provide a sense of community and belonging, as individuals would have more opportunities to engage with others who share similar beliefs and values. Additionally, offering a range of events catering to different spiritual preferences could attract a wider audience, increasing the reach and impact of these gatherings.