All India Youth Camp 2024 – “A New Dawn”

Start Date:04-Jan-2024

End Date:12-Jan-2024

Location:Sharanam Community Centre & Society House


A total of 33 young seekers from 11 States of India have responded to the call to join the "A New Dawn", the annual national youth camp, held in the premises of Sri Aurobindo Society, on the eastern coast of Puducherry from 4 - 12 January 2024. AuroYouth, the youth wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, has been organising camps for youth aged between 18 and 28 for the last 37 years, in an effort to ignite a spark for growth and progress, in the light of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

We are at a crucial moment where the whole of our nation is seeking to discover its identity. The youth too are in the thick of it, and they are seeking to discover their own identities too. The entire content of the camp was designed to facilitate the youth making these discoveries, through dialgues, discussions, experiential activities, self-reflections and self-explorations.

The participants deep-dived into the spaces within themselves, within their own mind and heart and the place where we all hold our most precious dreams and aspirations – the secret heart where our Soul dwells. The processes that were undertaken were deep, personal and demanded immense discipline from the participants – and they lived up to it and went through it in a most enjoyable, immersive way.

As the camp drew to a close, a final round of meditation brought a serene end. Teary goodbyes were exchanged, marking the conclusion of a memorable journey. Undoubtedly, the entire experience will be deeply missed, leaving participants with a treasure trove of memories and lessons that will resonate in their hearts for years to come ...

Click here for pictorial glimpse of the Camp.

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Some Feedback by the Participants:

“This camp was a turning point in my life. I got to know many abilities which I have in me already but didn't know about it before. I wanted to work on my focus, concentration and emotions and I can say truly I can see development in these things in myself.”

  • Vidula Keshav Andhare, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

“What I liked most about the camp was bicycling, which was an achievement which I didn't think was possible to accomplish for me, but I did it! I felt so accomplished like I have achieved something great. And it was truly great. A lot of barriers were broken that day and I felt so victorious that it made me realise that I could do what I set my heart to. Thank you for this empowering journey. It means a lot.”

  • Suryaprabha Bhatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana

“I was nervous coming to the camp thinking I wouldn't fit in but It was simply amazing. What I liked the most was the effort put in to plan everything. Because of the way that the camp was planned, it gave space for every kind of person to grow and discover themselves at their own pace.”

  • Sejal Mehra, New Delhi 

“What I liked about the camp was its gradually intensifying activities. It was a perfect procedure which opened me up. On my return, I will try to untangle my thoughts, speak from a deeper-self, eat the required amount of food only, be gentle with others, and inspire others for a better life.”

  • Sayan Roy, Hyderabad, Telangana

“What I liked most about the Youth camp was ‘The Magic Mirror’ activity. The concept of 4 consciousness has opened a new dimension for my self-introspection. I needed to know and control my emotional imbalances. This knowledge has shown me light in that.”

  • Asmitha T. M., Bangalore, Karnataka

“I absorbed the truth that materialistic things only act as a catalyst for happiness. I was fascinated by knowing how knowledgeable and rich our Indian culture is. Now I’ll try to spread awareness about Sanskrit language. Yogic exercises were like a Power dose for the day. My breaths became deeper and I was able to concentrate more effectively for the entire day. I used to practise Chanting before but never did I concentrate and struggle to get my pronunciations right. The right pronunciations just increased the vibrations within me and in my surroundings.”

  • Khushi Srikant Pangi, Belgaum, Karnataka

“What I liked most about the Youth camp was the way the session, activities were designed. It was very effective and thought provoking and impactful. During one of the activities, I learnt to trust my partner and have faith in oneself and in others which turned out beautifully. Kindness, Smiles and Positivity was the language of the Youth camp.”

  • Latha L.K., Davanagere, Karnataka

“I liked the diversity of people in the Youth Camp. The true spirit of Bharat came into force. I really liked the food served in the camp, it felt like home, simple but delicious. I truly enjoyed it. On my return, I will learn to write in my mother-tongue, be silent more frequently, will do self-introspection, be more conscious of my words and be humble.”

  • Nantha Miraah, Chennai, TamilNadu

  “The camp far exceeded my wildest expectations.”

  • Neel Adhiraj Kumar, Gurugram, Haryana

“ I liked every part of the camp. It helped to expand my soul.”

  • P. Vivek Vardhan, Hyderabad, Telangana