Juggling and Hooping Workshop Empowers Adolescent Girls

Start Date:22-Apr-2024

End Date:26-Apr-2024

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

An expert trainer trained twenty adolescent girls on juggling and hooping at the Satyam Community Centre.

Juggling is the art of manipulating one or more objects at once, usually with one or two hands, but also with other body parts like the feet or head. The items that jugglers juggle are frequently referred to as props. Balls, clubs, and rings are the most often used props. The art of juggling enhances brain growth. Studies show that juggling speeds up the development of brain connections in the areas responsible for movement, vision, memory, and focus. Even after weeks without practice, the advantageous modifications continue.

Hooping: A safe and enjoyable method of burning calories and body fat, strengthening core muscles, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, and improving balance is hula hooping. A lively and pleasant approach to incorporating more cardiovascular workouts into your regimen is to hula hoop. Regular aerobic exercise has several advantages, such as a stronger heart and lungs.

Initially, the students struggled a little, but after two days, they gained interest and started to enjoy juggling and hooping. The students' newfound enjoyment of juggling and hooping had a significant positive impact on their overall experience. It boosted their motivation to learn and improve their skills, leading to greater engagement and satisfaction in their activities. It also fostered a positive and inclusive environment, as they saw the benefits and fun of these art forms, encouraging collaboration and camaraderie among the students.

It was also an excellent experience for the trainer, and he agreed to continue online training once a month. He motivated and praised the students a lot. As a result, the students were thrilled. They promised to give practice to as many students as possible, even from other villages. Spreading knowledge and skills beyond their village is crucial for the growth and development of the community as a whole.

By sharing their knowledge with students from neighbouring villages, these students can contribute to disseminating wisdom and expertise, ultimately fostering intellectual growth and advancement in surrounding areas.  This act of knowledge sharing not only benefits the individual students but also strengthens the bonds between different communities and promotes a sense of unity and collaboration.