Empowering Adolescent Girls: A Soft Skills Workshop

Start Date:16-Apr-2024

End Date:16-Apr-2024

Location:Sharanam Training Centre, Banglaw medu.

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

SARVAM conducted a workshop with CPCL assistance for around 50 adolescent girls from various villages about the importance of soft skills at the Sharanam training centre.

Developing soft skills is crucial for adolescent girls as it equips them with essential qualities such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills enhance their personal growth and development and empower them to navigate relationships, make informed choices, and thrive in various environments. Adolescent girls can gain the confidence and resilience to overcome challenges and pursue their goals by focusing on soft skills.

In addition, Soft skills are characteristics and dispositions that support students, mainly rural and underprivileged female students, in interacting with people and achieving success in life. It supports students in developing critical interpersonal skills that can boost their capacity, communicate more effectively, and achieve better academically and in their day-to-day lives.

Sarvam organized a workshop for around 50 adolescent girls on soft skills to address all these points.

The trainer explained how good communication is essential in many areas of life. Trainers also emphasized to pupils the importance of active listening, nonverbal communication, and written and spoken communication. The workshops included writing tasks, public speaking preparation, and role-playing exercises. Students received feedback and assistance during this session that improved their communication abilities.

For girls to work well in groups, trainers stressed that an empowering mindset is essential. They explained that resolving conflicts, working in teams, and solving problems are all critical components of the workshop curriculum.

The trainers developed collaboration and teamwork skills through group projects, team-building activities, and situational simulations. Facilitators gave guidance on how to share duties and communicate effectively in teams.

Lastly, they have stated that enhancing presentation skills and abilities is critical for students who assume leadership roles in their extracurricular or academic pursuits. There were participatory exercises during the workshop.

The program gave students confidence, and they requested additional workshops for their long-term success. The extra workshops can give students valuable knowledge and skills that will contribute to their long-term success. By offering ongoing support and resources, students can continue to develop their competencies, stay updated on industry trends, and build a strong foundation for their careers. Investing in their professional development can enhance their career prospects and increase their chances of success in their chosen fields.