A Consciousness Approach to Obesity with Dr. Yogesh Mohan

Start Date:30-Apr-2024

End Date:30-Apr-2024



The session was a brilliant exposition of a philosophy of life … a life lived in the mellowed grandeur of authenticity and simplicity.

It streamed a deep perspective of how to approach life and navigate through it  by staying aligned to intent, purpose, dignity and to the Light of Divine Guidance that can bestow the marvel of wellness on one’s being.

The consciousness paradigm being expansive by its very nature, lends to the process of ushering in wellness a comprehensive approach, as it sees and understands life through the bandwidth of a ‘sacred wholeness’, that has breadth and depth.

Seen in this perspective, life in its complexity, is not just viewed as an interplay of the different aspects of the being and their responses to external and internal stimuli, but holds within the framework of its reference the presence, power and alchemic touch of the triune aspects of a higher expanded consciousness, that of Love, Divinity and Sacredness.

Living within the confines of a narrow surface consciousness, one is cabined within a very fragmented, narrow understanding that only views:

●          The body as an automated creation, bereft of intelligence and one that has to conform to a tailored conception of beauty and wellness...an extremely flawed perspective of the body, which in reality is a marvel of creation, housing the seed of Divinity within each cell.

When one allows ignorance and obscurity to govern the mind, the mind becomes a haven for doubts, anxieties and judgements to rule, flooding the body with vibrations of an inner chatter that sings the refrain of 'not-okayness 'and 'I'm not enough ', affecting the wellness of the emotional and physical states.

Dr. Yogesh warned the participants of the ill-effects of self-loathing and self-criticism, that is akin to self-mortification.

When emotions bleed, hate and shame engulf the body and one subjects oneself to a harshness that is self -defeating.

Need for Reorientation

As Sri Aurobindo says,

"A mind above our mind should be our ken ".

One needs to position oneself on a higher rung of understanding and open to a vastness that has the power to replenish life, help reclaim the buried dignity and divinity of the being, lashed by an unconscious way of embracing life and an unconscious state of being.

One needs to understand and acknowledge the dignity and divinity of the physical aspect of the being, the body that can open to the alchemic touch of the powers of love, sacredness and Divine Light in the presence of a consciousness that is free of doubts and judgements.

Dr. Yogesh emphasised the importance of re-calibrating one's understanding in the light of a higher truth, that these nurturing powers need to be accessed in one's daily life to effectuate healing and provide to the being not only a reprieve from shame and self-loathing but to infuse into one's life and being a wellness anchored in consciousness.

One needs to usher in compassion, reverence, gentleness and treat the body as a temple that holds the Divine within.

That each cell holds an innate wisdom, is a truth that needs to be understood.

Divinity being an integral part of creation, it is present as a seed of intelligence at the core of each cell. One must be firmly anchored to this truth in creation.

Guided by consciousness, the cells, vested with an innate wisdom, execute their function with a wonderful precision.

They can feel, hear and respond to the voice of love and understanding but are equally vulnerable to the voice of judgement and shame and fractured belief-systems.

It also necessitates one to be aware of all that is housed in the subconscious, as much of the negative opinions and belittling attitude towards self, lodge themselves to rise and lash out, casting a wave of negative emotions, robbing the present of one's conscious presence.

In the absence of an awareness, they can sabotage the dignity of the being.

One must with compassion, understanding and courage meet the subconscious, and undertake the task of clearing the voices and memory imprints that lurk there and surface at unexpected moments robbing one the clarity and ability to function in the present moment. They have the capacity to tarnish the present.

One must secure the freedom from the influence of this shadow region.

The Art of Living:

Obesity, Dr. Yogesh, declared is not to be seen in isolation, as a mere physical condition.

It has to be viewed in the context of how life is lived, the way one navigates through situational challenges, the vibrational field in which one lives life and operates, the emotional and mental landscapes and their effect on the person, and the way one responds to the voice of inner chatter that are expressions of doubt, fear, shame, etc.

Forging New Connects

A well-lived life is one that understands the healthy interdependence of life forces with subtle channels of nurturance that exist (such as Nature, that is a pure source of nurturance.).

Aim, purpose, love, reverence are subtle channels too, that carry and infuse light in all acts and thoughts and are imprints of a life lived in consciousness. These are energies that sustain life.

Woven together in aspiration and prayer, they become a holistic source to wellness and impart a meaningful touch to our activities and states of mind, in everyday life.

We need to open ourselves to the cosmic current of Divinity that flows unimpeded through all creation and allow it to touch and sustain our lives by consciously connecting to that force that exists within oneself, in the recesses of our inmost being, at the core of the cells, in food, in nature.

Sacredness is the salt of the earth; infusing the spirit of sacredness and purity of purpose in any life-sustaining activity renders a fullness to the present moment.

It bequeaths to the being a joy utterly simple and pure. Wellness is a gift that follows.

Being Present:

The joy of opening oneself to the essence and profoundness of the present moment is experienced when one embraces a reverential attitude towards all movements, (be it exercising or intake of food). The being thrives in a climate of mindfulness.

The seed truth that all is Divine should be a constant remembrance within.

A prayerful approach is to be reflected in the choice of food that one has. What's worthy of offering the Divine alone should be offered to the body, respecting its authentic need . A comfortable silence needs to reign in at such times.

Hurry, haste, greed and ignorance have the potential to diminish the relevance of an activity (such as the intake of food) as they lead to mindless consumption of food.

Prioritising purpose keeps at bay the drive of the Vital that pushes one to the brink of mindless indulgence. The body is not meant to be a slave of the vital’s desires.

The body has to be consulted and its needs to be taken care of with love and respect.

Food is vested with a consciousness of its own, one not only consumes the food, but ingests the consciousness present in it.

Again, the consciousness of the person who cooks the food has the potential to impact the quality of the food.

Hence, offering the food at the altar of the Divine is considered as a conscious act in purification. It should be a movement in joy, sanctity and faith.

The body’s need for exercise and mindful movements must be heeded.

One should exercise wisely, ensuring there’s no depletion of energy.

Dr. Yogesh declared that the body thrills to the rhythm of movements in consciousness and reciprocates by exuding a gentle warmth…a sure indication of the joy felt by the body.

Expanding the Horizon of care

One needs to expand the field of awareness by consciously, lovingly connecting to Nature.

Spending time in the midst of nature replenishes body, mind and spirit.

Allocating time to bequeath to oneself the simple joy of savoring the nurturing touch of Nature is important.

Cultivating a seasoned understanding of life is essential.

It handholds one to wade through life with a spirit that doesn’t collapse at the slightest touch of a challenge. That everything is transitory in nature is a truth that needs to be remembered and understood. Joys and sorrows are cyclic and need to be taken in their stride.

Emotional resilience lends a scaffolding to the being, sparing the physical the whiplash of stress and the imprint of a grief that has the potential to linger forever if left unaddressed.

As mentioned earlier, obesity is not to be viewed in isolation. The cause has to be ascertained to know the contributing factors that lead to obesity.

It has to be seen in the context of one’s state of attitudes, one’s habits, the impulses that lead to the condition ; the emotional landscape of one has to be understood as it leaves an imprint on one’s mind.

A life led by understanding the bigger scheme of life and being aware of one’s purpose is crucial, if life is to be truly meaningful and fulfilling.

One needs to stop parroting what is superficially considered as important and live in authenticity.

A great amount of stress can be reduced in life by embracing the power of simplicity and clarity. One needs to be guided by the inner light; a true understanding can silence the inner chatter, replacing it with the light of the inner guide.

By invoking the light of the inner guide within, one can refuse sanction to disempowering attitudes and emotions. One stays aligned to intent and purpose.

When the factors that lead to stress are understood, one can learn to master the approach of consciously managing the way one processes events and circumstances and work towards reducing those elements that cause the stress.

The ripple effect of this approach is acquisition of an emotional balance and mental clarity.

The body is spared of the impact of negative vibrations caused by stress, grief, anger, fear, etc which can otherwise settle in the body, and manifest themselves as imbalances in health.

Dr. Yogesh initiated a meditative practice.

The practice facilitated the participants to expand their field of awareness and experience, by visualising themselves surrendering to the power and love of Mother Earth.

With a further expansion of their field of experience, they were asked to visualise being connected to the entire universe…

The expanding circumference of this experience brought with it a sense of vastness, safety and trust , and participants were facilitated to offer all their anxieties, fears , apprehensions, and grief at the altar of this sacred space of Love and Nurturance.

One frees oneself of the burden of stress in the luminosity of this nurturance and love, as Mother Earth has exemplified time and again, her power to absorb all.

The experience gathered more depth as participants were guided through an activity in breath awareness.

It required the gaze of one’s attention and consciousness to be shifted to the seat of the Manipura Chakra, where the vital holds the dynamic life-energy. It’s also the chakra connected with the digestive organs.

Breathing in gently from the navel, one opens to the pure life energy, allowing the prana to flow in, while one surrenders all fears and anxieties to the Divine.

One visualises Divine energy, entering the vital and gently transforming the entire vital.

One breathes out, surrendering all the impurities lodged within at the feet of Mother Earth. The entire being relaxes in the nurturing presence of this Power.

Each organ thus receives the alchemic touch of Her love and Light that bequeaths to them an inner state of peace and calm.

One exults in the truth of the understanding that She is a mother who holds, nurtures, loves and heals.

Dr. Yogesh emphatically stated that gene expressions change when Love that streams from the Divine or any source that’s a manifestation of this Divinity alchemises all that it touches.

The session closed, abounding in the sanctity of an experience, that expressed the readiness of the being to offer itself joyously, in a spirit of surrender to the Divine Presence within and around.

A life lived in consciousness has the bandwidth of grandness, a life is meant to be lived in the dignity of the inner being that confers to body, mind and emotions a precious peace and a settled calm.

Almost 30 people registered for this workshop.


“I felt rejuventated and a renewed sense of vitality.”

“I will continue to work with my consciousness to deepen my connection to it. I recognized that I am on the right path.”

“A lovely and profound body experience and body consciousness that bridged my I and her.”

“Absolute and complete surrender, reminder of what we are and how to treasure our bodies, how to continue with practices of pure love and respect for the body and the Divine.”

“Loving your body, loving yourself, loving the Divine, nourishing the body, be in peace and balance with your body and continue to surrender.”

[Benefit from most?]

“The balance between sharings, deep and calm explanation of things and a practical meditation.”

“The guided meditation to feel one with her, my body, a wise being and Her, the Mother, the source and solution in whom we live.”

Healing and helpful?]

“Yes, absolutely. Dr. Yogesh has a wonderful energy and presence even virtually, you can feel a tremendous peace, wisdom and power.”

“Yes, although I would be interested to learn more about the impact of emotions e.g., the vital and the psychic on the body consciousness. Through the psychic we can bring the mind, vital and the body into a harmonious living together.” 

[Areas for improvement?]

“Understanding what chakras can reveal to us in relation to body and cosmic consciousness.”

“I loved how the session started with sharings and intention, maybe a bit too long for everyone to share but a lot of what was said by others resonated well. I love listening more than speaking, and I appreciate how others openly shared. I truly enjoyed this workshop and in fact wished it lasted for a couple more days or once per week to remind us of what truly matters and review progress.”