Workshop on Non-Fiction Writing

Start Date:28-Feb-2024

End Date:28-Feb-2024

Location:The Dorian House Writers Retreat, Auroville.


“I can only say generally avoid over-writing; let all your sentences be the vehicle of something worth saying and say it with a vivid precision neither defective nor excessive.”

- Sri Aurobindo

On February 28, 2024, Mr. Narendra Murty, Renaissance author and core team member was invited to deliver a workshop on Non-Fiction Writing, at the Dorian House Writers Retreat, Auroville. The event was organised by First Forays Literary Agency, Pune in collaboration with Dorian House, Auroville.

The Retreat was attended by a group of budding and published authors from all corners of the country.

Mr. Murty is an award-winning author of 4 books focusing on spiritual aspiration and seeking. He writes in a style that is highly readable and appeals to a wide range of audience, and creatively uses stories, anecdotes and humour to present deeper philosophical ideas.

Mr. Murty designed his workshop content based on his vast experience in writing. He covered various aspects of Non-Fiction writing including Form, Structure, Research Methodology, Building an Argument and a Narrative, Style and Execution. He also discussed various popular categories of Non-Fiction, citing the names and authors of such books.

His writings on Renaissance can be accessed Here.