Kolam Yoga: Foundation Course

Start Date:14-Jan-2024

End Date:18-Feb-2024

Location:Society House


An Introductory workshop was held on 28th Nov where 17 participants participated joyfully to understand the significance of Kolam with reference to Integral Yoga Practice. Kolam is a traditional art form practised primarily in South India and is slowly disappearing in the urban areas. This beautiful art form which has an ephemeral nature helps in harmonising the body-heart and mind around the Psychic Centre by first refining these instruments in the light of offering the Kolam to the Divine. Thus, it is not only meditative but also helps in refining the emotions, improving the concentration and mathematical faculty of the mind and helping the body to find its alignment and build its strength. The participants learnt to draw the sacred Hridaya kolam which had a specific mathematical code to it. Interested participants joined the Foundation Course which is six-month programme consisting of 12 sessions of 3 hours each.

Foundation Course in Kolam-Yoga

Session 1 - Date: 14th Jan 2024

8 enthusiastic learners gathered around Grace to start the course. The quality that was taken up was Equanimity from the Mother’s Symbol. After a brief sharing on the quality, it was discussed how this becomes a necessary quality to practise Kolam, to remain steady and still in spite of challenges. The Paamba Kolam, was taken up as this is one of the most ancient forms of Kolam. Paamba is snake in Tamil and the movement of the snake with its highs and lows, the waves, the mountains and the valley movement became the highlight of the day. Becoming aware of the breath and the sensations within the body, one’s emotions and thoughts also was stressed upon. Variations of Paamba kolam were taken up and all the participants enjoyed the challenging Paamba kolam. Assignments were given and a document shared with notes on the lesson too. A video was also shared by the facilitator.

Session 2 - Date: 28th Jan 2024

Receptivity was the quality that was taken up in the second session. In order to take up the Kolam practice, along with Equanimity, the quality of being Receptive to the flow of creativity, to the inspiration was very important. The Shaivite Paddi kolam was displayed graciously by Grace and participants explored this Kolam form with enthusiasm, constructing Temples with varying Gopurams, beginning with 4 concentric squares and then with the help of the magic square (9 squares), and then each participant stood in their created temple with a lot of joy. 

Session 3 - Date: 4th Feb 2024

Peace was the quality that was taken up along with the Vaishnavite Paddi Kolam which was the Kolam learning of the day. The Vaishnavite kolam has a dynamic expansive format with curvy lines and more motifs from nature as elements in the Kolam style. The ashtakonam being the centre as a symbol of Lakshmi and then spreading harmoniously around the centre with lotuses, birds and other flowers as its embellishment, doing the Vaishnavite kolam was a very powerful and expansive experience.


Session 4 - Date: 18th Feb 2024

Aspiration was the quality that was taken up with the Brahma’s knot style of Kolam learning. The earlier three qualities were under the domain of the Maheshwari Power force of the Divine Mother, while the quality of Aspiration fell under the transition stage of entering into Mahakali’s Power force. Brahma’s knot style is called the Paddi Sun Symbol - Swastika & Suvastika. The Swastika (its form originating from the cross) sets the cosmic cycle in Motion, the bend in the arms symbolise the change and pause in the cosmic cycle and when the arms fold back inwards the Swastika is turned into a never-ending magical Knot. The participants explored and experienced the joys of creating knots and several forms emerged from this exploration, like Sita’s braid, the flight of a bird etc.

The foundation course will now progress towards the second module which will be conducted in the months of April and May 2024.