Handicrafts training for women using water hyacinth

Start Date:27-Feb-2024

End Date:27-Feb-2024

Location:Kalangiyam, Bahour

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

As part of Pondicherry Waterfest 2024, Svarnim Puducherry is providing livelihood training for women in crafting handicrafts from water hyacinth. The inaugural function, attended by local MLA Shri Senthil Kumaran, marked the beginning of basic and advanced training sessions. Approximately 60 women from Bahour and nearby areas have enrolled for the 24-day program.

Assam-based trainers, one of whom is a national awardee, will conduct the sessions. MLA Kumaran emphasized the importance of water conservation in Bahour, encouraging women to participate wholeheartedly to improve their families' economic status.

With water bodies abundant in Bahour, raw materials can be easily sourced locally, while marketing support is provided by partnering organizations such as Club Mahindra, Alliance for Good Governance, and the Department of Science and Technology.

The initiative aims to foster women entrepreneurship and hopes for its success in empowering more women in society.