Skill development workshops for women

Start Date:22-Feb-2024

End Date:24-Feb-2024

Location:Satyam Community Centre


Floor mat making skill training to women entrepreneurs. :

Thirty-five female entrepreneurs received floor mat-making skill training to improve their abilities.

Through skill development programmes offered by SARVAM, women entrepreneurs can boost their earnings and enter a market that provides them with several chances to achieve financial success. SARVAM conducted another handwork training session emphasising the creation of floor mats and other materials as part of this endeavour.

Every woman received hands-on instruction in manufacturing mats. They received training in other decorative materials in addition to mat design. Women are quick to adopt new styles and models. Thus, this training enabled them to pick up new skills they may apply to their businesses.

Women who attended the workshop also learned how to connect with retailers to sell their materials and how to market their products. The women listened to real-world experiences from some successful women in this profession.

The one-day workshop was very beneficial since it taught women new handicraft techniques, how to make new materials for home d├ęcor, and marketing strategies.

Training on Communication and Presentation Skills.:

Training on communication and presentation skills was provided to 35 volunteers and staff members.

A training session on communication and presentation skills was given to 35 volunteers and staff. The key topics covered in the training session included effective communication strategies, body language, vocal projection, storytelling techniques, and managing nerves during presentations. Participants also learned how to create engaging presentations and use visual aids effectively.

Continuous training is the primary principle that integrates training sessions into regular workdays rather than one-time events. Integrating training sessions into regular workdays allows employees to learn and grow while continuously staying engaged in their work. It eliminates the need for extensive time away from the job and disrupts workflow, making it more convenient for participants. Additionally, this approach promotes continuous learning and provides employees with immediate practical applications, resulting in better retention and skill development.

In addition to storytelling, communication exercises, skill games, model presentations, and role-play activities are included in the training.

Refresher training on simple workouts to keep young for vulnerable women

At the Satyam campus, Sarvam offered refresher training on basic exercises for about 65 vulnerable women to stay young.

As they age, seniors increasingly require strength training to maintain their mobility for daily activities. Training aims to reduce the loss of muscle mass and the consequent impairment of motor function. Even at higher intensities, progressive strength training helps older people avoid sarcopenia and maintain their motor function.

The refresher training involved motivational talks, exercises and small games, and the older women participated very actively and became very happy. The refresher training positively impacted the lives of the older women, as it rejuvenated their spirits and engaged them actively. The training helped them maintain a healthy lifestyle and improved their mental and physical well-being. It also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants, creating a positive impact on their lives, social interactions, and relationships.

It was requested that more of this kind of program be offered to vulnerable women. Offering more programs for vulnerable women can significantly impact their well-being and empowerment. This can lead to increased resilience, self-sufficiency, and, ultimately, a positive impact on their communities and society.

Everyone moved happily and thoughtfully