Three-Day Workshop for Teachers of M S Udayamurthy School of Excellence

Start Date:14-Jul-2023

End Date:16-Jul-2023

Location:M S Udayamurthy School of Excellence, Namakkal


Course Facilitators: The facilitators of the workshop were Shivakumar and Priti, from SAFIER, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry.

As a part of Phase II of the ongoing course on Integral Education (IE) spread over a period of 12 months, aimed at introducing, guiding and mentoring a group of 8 teachers of the M S Udayamurthy School of Excellence, including one representative from the management, a three-day workshop was organised at the school premises in Namakkal. Through an earlier three-day workshop of Phase I, a general introduction was given to the theory, practices and approach of Integral Education.

In the Phase II workshop, a brief preview was given of the approach to Integral Education, specifically, an introduction to Physical Education through awareness games and activities, and the approach was introduced with reflective experiential activities. A Project work was given at the end of the workshop which was designed to help the teachers assimilate the learnings of the workshop.

Some of the major topics covered during the three days were:

  1. A Recap of the First Workshop by going through the favourite quotes of the participants and also revising the basics of Integral Education
  2. Project Presentations on the Good habits inculcated in the Physical Nature:  To move from weakness to strength
  3. Practices for getting connected to the Inner Friend (the Psychic Being) - Introduction to the Om Mantra Chanting
  4. Becoming Conscious of our Body - Awareness activities
  5. Introduction to Physical Education 
  6. The Practice of full Body-Scan
  7. Introduction to Surya Namaskar
  8. Exploring the Sources of Physical Energy. A 4-Point Programme for improving Physical Life-Style: Food - Breathing - Sleep and Rest - Conscious movements
  9. Introduction to an Integrated Physical Approach, through a Chart
  10. Minor games and understanding its relevance
  11. Obstacle games and understanding their impact
  12. Reading of the excerpt on Physical Education from ‘The Science of Living’ chapter
  13. Conclusion, with the assignment of project work on:
  • -Building an Integral Physical programme for oneself
  • And doing the same in the classroom, with students


The workshop closed with a short recap of the three principles of Education and how important it is to start the practices for inching towards perfection and also the developmental stages of a child was re-visited where the Physical development is the first stage. First the gross motor and then the fine motor skills have to be developed so that the child may be able to relate to emotions and his thoughts in a coordinated way. Here if the Physical education programme is inducted in a psychic atmosphere created by the teacher-facilitators, then the body consciousness of the child can be awakened to a considerable level and the emotional and mental developments will follow suit in a harmonious manner.

For this, the facilitators have to first integrate the Physical Education Programme into their personal lives. Then only integrating the programme in the classrooms is possible.

Feedback from some of the participants:

Yagashree, Primary class teacher:“What I liked most in the workshop is AUM Mantra chanting, which gives me a positive energy and it feels like a temple. I liked all the activities, which I now realise that ‘I can also do’.”

Unmul Barakath, Primary and Secondary class teacher: “The one learning from the workshop that will stay with me for a long time is ‘Concentration and Being Conscious of the work’ before starting any work.”

Govarthani Vishwananthan, Primary school teacher: “The biggest learning from the workshop for me is that I have to open up and not to hesitate for anything. This time I tried to open up.I have also understood that if we understand ourselves properly, then we will be able to understand our students properly..”

Sathya, Pre-primary class teacher:"The three thing I like most in the workshop were:

Bean bag activity where I experienced that physical posture should be alert and conscious.

Group Balloon game where I experienced Concentration and Team Coordination.     

Obstacle game where I understood how many different variations can be included in one platform.I also learnt that Physical awareness includes Food, Exercise, Sleep and Conscious movements.”