One-Day Interaction with Nallore Vattam

Start Date:29-Jan-2024

End Date:29-Jan-2024

Location:Society House


Nallore Vattam, a Circle Of Good People or Circle Of Sajjan Shakti, is an organisation/movement for the people and society at large, formed in 2001 by Shri Balasubramaian (aka) Balu Ayya. The goals of the Nallore Vattam is to create an honest and just society as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Rabindranath Tagore and poet Bharati. Building a New India is the need of the hour and 18 representatives from Nallore Vattam visited Sri Aurobindo Society to help them in deepening their approach in order to fulfil their vision. Prof. G. Palanithurai was instrumental in bringing this group for the exposure visit.

Shivakumar and Priti from the Integral Education Initiative (SAFIER) of Sri Aurobindo Society had a one-day interaction with the receptive participants so that they become well-versed with the vision of Sri Aurobindo Society and its integral approach towards work.

The day started with an introduction which helped know the vision and mission of Nallore Vattam more clearly through the lives of its 18 inspired representatives.  Shivakumar led the representatives through the varied activities of Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) through a presentation where the vision of SAS seeking to bring a dynamic spirituality into material life and all its activities, so that the global problems can find a true solution and India can emerge into a New and Dynamic country. This was further enunciated by stories from ancient India.

The story of the Founder of Integral Yoga (‘Poorana Yogam’ in Tamil), Sri Aurobindo, was shared through a screening of the recently released animation film by SAS. After viewing the film, the representatives of Nallore Vattam were very moved and understood the depth of the life of Sri Aurobindo and felt close to his Vision and Mission of working for a New Bharat.

In the afternoon, Shivakumar and Priti introduced the framework and approach of the Educational and Youth work which came under the common vision of Integral Education (Poorana Kalvi). An awareness game was played, facilitated by Priti, which helped the participants to know & connect with each other and at the same time become conscious of their own actions.

This led to a discussion by Shivakumar where he raised some questions which helped the participants to go deeper within the inner layers of their personality and engage in an enquiry about their deeper personality, the Inner genius, the “Inner Nanban” or the Psychic Being as coined by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who is always present as a guide to each and every one universally.

The participants were further led by Priti into a guided meditation where they observed their Inner Weather and expressed with colours their journey of Going Within. Shivakumar concluded the day with an explanation of how leading a conscious life helps an Integral facilitator impart the same consciousness to the student. Thus the approach to Integral Education which was initially presented through experiential activities and explorations was summed up by Shivakumar to create further clarity about the vast and deep subject of ‘Integral Education’.

The day concluded with Senthil Kumar making a presentation of activities of SARVAM. The next day, the participants visited and interacted with the people engaged in the village development activities of SARVAM.

All the representatives of Nallore Vattam were touched by the depth and vastness of Integral Education and its approach towards uplifting oneself and through it, our country. Some of them shared that it had opened up a new world to them and they were now as if awakened to a new way of being and operating in the world. They felt that the spiritual Power residing deep within the heart of everyone and ready to guide and be our constant Friend if we chose to turn towards It, was truly inspiring & motivating. 

Feedback by the Participants:

Prof. G. Palanithurai, Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed to be University:“Presentations made … were highly professional and emotional which touched everyone’s heart and soul. They [the Nallore Vattam group] enjoyed the field 

work through interacting with the village women who are working in the SARVAM service villages. It was an eye opener for them.”

Muthukrishnan, Nallore Vattam:“Last two days, the group of coordinators of Nallore Vattam were blessed to have a vision of Integral Education, Sri Aurobindo Society’s activities, Integral Yoga, and all the dedicated activities for village development and it strengthened the belief that Almighty God will use us as a tool to build an ideal society.”