Scientific Robotic Exhibition

Start Date:10-Jan-2024

End Date:27-Jan-2024

Location:Government Schools, Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) in India has supported a project on robotics and dynamic toys in 15 government schools in the Puducherry district. The objective is to acquaint children with the latest developments in robotics and electronics, opening their minds to creative ideas. The basics of electronic components and their use were introduced to the students in the classroom at the beginning of the sessions. SP trainers assist students in doing independent experiments and self-exploration using kits based on breadboards. Children explore, gradually progressing from basic concepts to more complex ideas and thoughts.

In January 2024, under the direction of Svarnim Puducherry, the robotics crew orchestrated a scientific exhibition for different government school students in the Puducherry region. Intending to learn more about the technological world required in the twenty-first century, 400 students from 10 different government schools participated in the event. The exhibition showcased models related to energy harvesting, firefighting robots, surveillance robots, smart traffic light systems, radar, touchless wash basins, 3-way switches, milk vending machines, automatic cloth protection on the terrace, and push buttons. The judges and classmates were inspired to investigate and use their knowledge in practical circumstances by the creative designs of the students, which were on exhibit in the school auditorium.

The headmaster and the science instructors were the judges who evaluated the creative effort of the students, which helped them to acquire scientific concepts effectively. With the assistance of robotics instructors from Svarnim Puducherry, students demonstrated innovative thinking in real-life practice. The science instructor and the school director were pleasantly surprised by the student’s commitment to their studies through experiments, justifications, and exhibition designs. The judges gave an outstanding review for showcasing the collaborative efforts of experts, teachers, and students. In addition, the robotics group chose three models for the upcoming display from ten schools, and the 10 government school authorities expressed gratitude for the robotics team's support.