Transformation of Thought

Start Date:05-Mar-2024

End Date:08-Mar-2024



The ‘Transformation of Thought’ workshop conducted by Arul Dev unfolded over four days, focusing on elevating participants’ minds from the mundane to realms of higher intelligence. Through practical meditation exercises, attendees delved into transcending ordinary thinking patterns and manifesting divine visions into reality. About 25 people enrolled for this event.

The facilitator Arul Dev emphasised the distinction between internal and external realms of thought, urging participants to align aspects of life, consciousness, and will internally for effective thought navigation. The sessions highlighted the importance of maintaining neutrality, connecting with the Divine, and observing reality without bias.

The participants engaged in guided meditation practices, aimed at deepening awareness, maintaining neutrality, and connecting with the Divine during decision-making and interactions. The techniques included anchoring in the body, observing without judgment, and envisioning divine guidance.

Throughout the workshop, Arul Dev stressed the significance of releasing past limitations, aligning with divine intentions, and remaining open to higher possibilities for manifestation. The exercises focused on revising memories, exploring future visions and cleansing thoughts and perceptions.

Discussions centred on challenges in maintaining connections amid daily distractions and seeking ways to sustain the practice beyond the workshop. Participants shared their Oown personal experiences and sought clarification on integrating the teachings into daily life.

The workshop concluded with expressions of gratitude and encouragement for continued exploration of the concepts presented. Participants were urged to carry forward the practices of alignment with divine intentions and openness to intuitive guidance in their ongoing journey of transformation.


“The experiences were many and a few very profound. Like in the third session towards the end, when we have to see the light, there was an instant connection and the experience was just the Grace of the Mother.”

“There is definitely a much higher intelligence, and I’m just so grateful that Arul and yourself, James could bring it to people who are more open to these forces. Since the Supramental manifestation this force is here, and now is the time for us to bring in some light to this body and mind. This workshop was a true way to connect to this intelligence and start the beginning of transformation in our nature.”

“Very insightful and helpful, as it made me realise and become aware of the great possibilities, we harbour within us and, when it is directed in the right direction, we can become much better human beings. Thought specifically plays such an important role and we know nothing about it and are always using it in negative ways. But to be able to manifest through thoughts a change in us and the environment is a big first step.

“Yes, the workshop was an eye-opener. But we must read more books of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and do these practices on a daily basis. I think, only then, we can grow in our consciousness.”      [Practical take-homes?]

“To always be conscious of one’s thoughts, to keep a positive vibe and always to keep offering to the Divine Mother every thought and action and keep that connection alive, however much I can.”