Mudras: An Introductory and Experiential Immersion

Start Date:26-Feb-2024

End Date:28-Feb-2024



This workshop involved interactive and experiential sessions, which were thorough, informative and well explained, centring around basic mudras either with or without meditation.

Through him, I came to know about the vastness of Mudras , as mentioned in Hath Yoga Pradipika and other yogic texts – Mudras are almost an independent branch of yoga.

He also shared, how these Mudras,which are basically a seal of subtle energy , carrying and creating equilibrium in in the  right and left sides of the body , denoting the masculine and feminine energy. They affect 72,000 nadis and 8 chakras, which in turn work wonders even in bed-ridden patients, if done regularly over a period of time and with sufficient perseverance.

It was indeed a great experience to have different Mudras like Jnana Mudra, Prana Mudra, Apana, Vayu, Shanmukhi, Garuda, Sarpa and all the other various mudras practised with this facilitator in such a meditative atmosphere.

He also nicely explained how one can take charge of one’s life by taking small fractional hand gestures with or without meditation. One does not need to maintain an empty stomach condition, as is required for yoga & Pranayama practices.

In the last session, he also shared mudras related to specific ailments like High BP, heart problems, diabetes, kidney related problems and various digestive issues.

Last but not the least; Amit brought a great deal of presence and energy to the sessions, which greatly elevated everyone present.

Thanks Amit, James and the NAMAH team for bringing and sharing such an important topic.

Looking forward for an advanced Mudra & Pranayama sessions in the near future…


“Every mudra was wonderful.”

“Very knowledgeable speaker”

“Great energy to the sessions.”

“Personally enjoyed each of his sessions… as he wants to give his full potential>’

“There is a small suggestion for the future. If feasible, it is better to be done by some known practising Ayurvedacharya, that would add its own value.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the joyful exercises and the practice made a perfect mode of sharing in a very simple way his knowledge of Mudras.”

“Definitely the basics were covered. I will try to adhere to his suggestions to put into practice daily

“It’s truly enriching my path to Them.”

“Peaceful. Empowering. Found another avenue to add to practice.”

[Inspire to work more?]

“Surely, because of its content and the excellent teaching as well. Many thanks to James too for organizing so well such beautiful workshops.”

[Practical take-homes?]

“Many, it has enlarged my horizon and expanded my toolbox to practice and enriched my meditation modalities.” 

“Practising for a powerful peace.”

“Practising daily is prevention.”

“The 5 elements mudras, the 5 prana mudras, chakra mudra, jnana mudra,massaging the fingers and tapping the soles along with til oil massage once a week. I am planning to do these mudras and tapping every day and abhyanga every week.”

“Prepare a workshop for an hour and leave the last 20 or 30 minutes for questions Otherwise, the risk is to leave loose ends when too many questions are answered in the middle of the practice. To go further into depth in the knowledge and of more applications of mudras.”

“I felt enriched through the integral and inspiring experience of knowledge and practice and the excellent teaching thru which we also received a beautiful and relaxing energy from Amit Bhatia.”

“The workshop showed the potential of practising with Mudras, the power depends on how we like to relate to and work with the Mudras. I felt that it fits well and feels good with my body intelligence.”