Three-Day Handicraft Skill Training for Village Women Entrepreneurs

Start Date:03-Jan-2024

End Date:05-Jan-2024

Location:Satyam Community Centre


An intensive three-day handicraft training programme for 40 village women entrepreneurs was conducted at the Satyam Community Centre at Poothurai. SARVAM ran this intensive three-day handicraft training programme to provide village women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and an urge to excel in their fields. By empowering women with business opportunities, the programme helped them break free from traditional gender roles and societal limitations, allowing them to contribute to economic development and have the same opportunities and privileges as men.

 Day 1: Training on Designing the fabric material

Around 40 women were trained to design plain blouses, a great income source today. The training for designing plain blouses involved teaching women various design principles, fabric selection, and stitching techniques. The trainees were also educated on market trends and customer preferences to help them create visually appealing and wearable blouses. Through rigorous training, these women were able to develop their skills and earn a living through their designs.

Day 2: Additionally, bracelet design is another training activity that promotes their creativity and generates funds for them. Bracelet design fosters creativity and boosts trainees' confidence and self-expression. By allowing them to design and customize their bracelets, trainees feel a sense of ownership and pride, enhancing their self-esteem and allowing them to express themselves freely. This applies to bracelet design and can be carried over into other aspects of their lives, fostering a more vibrant and confident individual.

Day 3: A training session on making phenyl and soap oils was another important event for the participants. In addition to the phenyl and soap oil production training, participants learned how to sell and use the products. Participants learned how to effectively market and sell the products by understanding customer needs and preferences, conducting product demonstrations, and creating compelling sales pitches. They also received training on customer service skills, including handling objections and resolving customer concerns. Overall, the training aimed to empower participants to become skilled sales representatives who could successfully convey the product's benefits and generate leads.