Knowing and Loving the Mother

Start Date:13-Feb-2024

End Date:15-Feb-2024



‘Knowing and Loving the Mother’ was a deeply meditative and profoundly immersive three- session online workshop, which was organised by NAMAH and facilitated by James Anderson. About 40 people registered for this event. The facilitator reiterated the foundational practices from the November 2023 NAMAH workshop titled ‘Feeling the Mother's Presence Always’ and guided the participants through two powerful additional practices, aimed at accelerating the development of our knowledge and love for Mother. As we were approaching the Mother’s Birth Anniversary on February 21st, this workshop was very timely to experience ways of truly knowing the Mother by identity and truly loving Her purely and unconditionally.

Session-one started with a quick review of the base practice of calling Mother’s name simultaneous to conscious breathing for achieving the state of ‘Feeling the Mother’s Presence Always’. Subsequently, participants experienced the power of affirmation and the beauty of prayer as two wonderful additional practices for complete surrender to the Mother and Truly Knowing the Mother.

Session-two reviewed Mother’s description of ‘The Rungs of Love’. Subsequently, participants experienced the next set of affirmations and prayers, which are connected with purification, refinement and sublimation of our Love for the Mother. Furthermore, an augmented conscious breathing practice was introduced which included the focus on the heart centre and mutual exchange of Love  and gratitude with the Mother during both in-breaths and out-breaths.

Session-three started with a practice to conceptualise and visualise the beautiful Supramental world of the future which the Mother has promised to create for the Superhumanity. Subsequently, participants experienced the next set of affirmations and prayers of transformation to reinforce progress along the path. The workshop concluded with a meditative practice, focused on opening of the body to Mother’s Transformational Force.

The facilitator also encouraged the participants to individualise their aspirations and prayers as they are deeply personal in nature and expected to represent everyone’s truth. Two participants kindly collaborated to offer a series of follow-on sessions where audios of practice guidance instructions will be replayed to facilitate a daily reiteration of these practices ahead of the upcoming Mother’s Anniversary and Golden Day.


“Very difficult to express... and so, whatever is stated, would fail to meet with accuracy and the truth... “


“This was my first ever workshop regarding The Mother. I joined out of curiosity and for the love of learning something new in the field of spirituality. To my amazement and surprise, I was shown a very different method of connecting to the Divine.”

“The method of breathing in and out Ma's name with the affirmations and prayers felt just right.”

“I don’t know much about Mother , though I have visited Her ashram in Pondy. I guess She has come to me. I feel so blessed to start a connection.”

“The affirmations and prayers felt so right and I feel the best way to connect with the Divine.”

“Affirmations and prayers. That we have to keep our aspiration a continuous one. This work shop will help us become true children of The Mother all the time irrespective of our conditions circumstances and nature.”

“Yes - reinforces the work and reminds - reaches deeper / makes inroads....into asleep - ignorant parts of the being .....that are discovered more clearly....Many lives' work.....and past reworking...what to take forwards what to dissolve....burn off.....”

“As for myself ,I am fond of Affirmations. It is a lovely experience repeating these carefully worded Affirmations . Day 1 Affirmations gradually move from a state of Being to Becoming. The facilitator had made use of Silence effectively and helped us feel Divine Mother's presence. As I kept listening to the recordings my receptivity became better. Silence .Peace!”

“The sessions were right from the heart.”

”All the 3 sessions were really great . In the 3rd day's session, in the guided mediation session, I was imagining the beautiful plants near the samadhi. That's heaven and I was imagining Mother standing there and welcoming me. Everything looked so divine and beautiful and happy and peaceful.

“I found the workshop very illuminating and inspiring. The affirmations and the prayers left a strong and positive impact.”

“The Affirmations and prayers may suit anyone , at any level to make considerable progress.”

“Yes, connects to practice - supports and awakens deeply behind and in front.”

“Supported deepening in parts of the being.”

“Breathing … with taking the Mother's name in IN breath and OUT breath and even in the gap between the inhalation and exhalation, to feel the Mother's presence.. I will Practice this daily before I sleep and also whenever I can during the day and will try to do this constantly.”

“Everything was perfect! The presentation helped me so much. It was God sent. Thank you James for the presentation. Thank you Varsha for informing me about this event . Thank you Mother for everything.”

“Yes, it was a wonderful journey into the Mother's Universe. The garden metaphor is nourishing and refreshing. Through visualisation the facilitator has helped us walk through Mother's Universe.”

“Got first-hand guidance on how to meditate, how to proceed and understand The Mother , more and more, day by day.”

“Very heart warming and a Revelation, to understand and know The Mother, Her Light, and Her Force.”

“Very illuminating and very inspiring.”

“An immense feeling of Peace and a promise from The Mother that she is always with me, seated in my heart, consciously living in me.”

 As it’s the Almighty MOTHER that is working through you in these sessions, what more can one ask or expect? Jai Shri MAA.”

“Very deep and experiential connection with the Mother.”

“Yes, the suggestion to focus on breathing while silently saying the Mother's name is applicable to many moments of daily life.”

’’Breathing while silently saying the Mother's name, the possibility to recharge in the Mother's garden and the importance to also focus on the body and cells.”